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April 26, 1889 - April 29, 1951

See also Gottlob Frege (1848-1925)

Biographical Information

A Short Biography (and 8k JPEG)
G.S. Davis' biography of Wittgenstein from Grolier's Encyclopedia
Short Introductory Biography of Wittgenstein from Finland
Wittgenstein Biography from
Another Biography of Wittgenstein
The Knitting Circle at South Bank U provides a Wittgenstein biography
The Wittgenstein entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Wittgenstein Biography
Wittgenstein Biography
Biography and Links from Philosophy Pages
A Time-line of Cambridge University notes Wittgenstein's arrival in 1911
Wittgenstein on a list of Selected Alumni of Trinity College, Cambridge
Wittgenstein appears on the Chronological List of Mathematicians
Wittgenstein appears on a list of estimated IQs of the greatest geniuses
Wittgenstein is featured in Time's 100 Scientists & Thinkers (article by Daniel Dennett)
Wittgenstein's Wikipedia (free, interactive encyclopedia) entry

Books and Quotations by Wittgenstein

Mathematical Quotations by Wittgenstein
Jeff Biggus' Wittgenstein 'Think Page'
Quotations and a nice picture
Commentary on Wittgenstein and Quotations from the Tractatus
0024288101 Wittgenstein's Books In Print
Info on purchasing Wittgenstein's works on CD-ROM

Secondary Sources

Wittgenstein-related Papers, Essays, Lectures, and Books Online

Wittgenstein and Scientific Knowledge byMark Alford
A Lecture given at Cambridge on Wittgenstein by G.E.M. Anscombe
Chomsky v. Kripke, Round Two byDaniel Barbiero
Private LanguagebyStewart Candlish
W and Kierkegaard: Religion, Individuality, and Philosophical MethodbyCharles Creegan
Can W Help Free the Mind from Rules? Phil. Foundations of ConnectionismbyItiel Dror
Wittgenstein on Scepticism and Certainty by A.C. Grayling
Acting, Intending, and Artificial Intelligence by Larry Hauser
A Review of Chomsky's Criticism of Kripke's Wittgenstein byKenny Huen
The Sceptical Solution in Kripke's Wittgenstein byKenny Huen
Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language Ultimate Homepage by John Humphrey
What Sort of Speech Act Wittgenstein's Investigations Is byJustin Leiber
Several Wittgenstein-related papers byAndrew Lilico
Several Wittgenstein-related papers by Gert-Jan C. Lokhorst
Quine and Wittgenstein on the Science/Philosophy Divide by Diego Marconi
Lecture Notes on Wittgenstein from an Intro Philosophy course byG.J. Mattey
Notes on Philosophical Investigations through 119 byG.J. Mattey
Formal Logic and the Pursuit of Meaning byJaroslav Peregrin
Davidson's Sentences and Wittgenstein's Builders byJohn Perry
Logic, Idealism, and Materialism in Wittgenstein byAllan F. Randall
W's Tractatus: The Importance of a Clearly Arranged RepresentationbyRichard H. Schmitt
Four Wittgenstein-related essays byJohn Shotter
Wittgenstein in Practice: From 'The Way of Theory' to a 'Social Poetics' byJohn Shotter
Wittgenstein's Challenge to the Contemporary Philosophy byGheorghe Stefanov
It Says What It Says: W and Davidson on Nonsensical Language by G. Steingrímsson
Philosophical nonegocentrism in Wittgenstein and Candrakiirti by R. A. F. Thurman
Wittgensteinian Certainties by Crispin Wright
Wittgenstein and Absolute Truth
byU of York student
Wittgenstein's Saying and Showing by U of York student

T.P. Uschanov has a LARGE list of Wittgenstein-related online papers here.

Information on Wittgenstein-related Books

  The Realistic Spirit by Cora Diamond

Wittgenstein Secondary Literature (A-F)


Wittgenstein Secondary Literature (G-M)

A Wittgenstein Dictionary by Hans-Johann Glock

The Cambridge Companion to Wittgenstein by Hans Sluga and David Stern

Wittgenstein Secondary Literature (N-Z)

Recently Published Books on Wittgenstein

Wittgenstein's Poker: The Story of a Ten-Minute Argument between Two Great Philosophers ISBN:  0066212448
Title: Wittgenstein's Poker: The Story of a Ten-Minute Argument between Two Great Philosophers
Author:  David Edmonds and John Eidinow
Publisher:  HarperCollins College Read an excerpt!
Date Published:  October  2001 
Format:  Hardcover, 352pp.
Review by Carlin Romano in The Chronicle of Higher Education (pay subscription may be required)
Review by Janet Maslin in The New York Times (free registration may be required)
Review by Stuart Jeffries in The Guardian Unlimited

The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society

The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society
Looking Back at the 20th International Wittgenstein Symposium in August 1997
Looking Back at the 21st International Wittgenstein Symposium in August 1998
Looking Back at the 22nd International Wittgenstein Symposium in August 1999
Looking Back at the 23rd International Wittgenstein Symposium in August 2000
Looking Back at the 24th International Wittgenstein Symposium in August 2001
Looking Forward to the 25th International Wittgenstein Symposium in August 2002

Other Text

Click Here! Links to Philosophy Graduate Programs where one could possibly study Wittgenstein
Quotations by Bertrand Russell about Wittgenstein
James Burke mentions Wittgenstein in a speech entitled 'The Legacy of Science.'
Do Animals Feel Pain? by Peter Singer (Singer mentions LW briefly)
Institute Vienna Circle Homepage
Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen
Will Kernan's Wittgenstein Online (Likely the finest Wittgenstein site on the internet.)


the world is all that is lowercasetractatus alphabetico-philosophicus by brian

The cause of Wittgenstein's death on Philosophers: Causes of Death

Heard of a Platonic kiss? Find out what a Wittgensteinian kiss is.
See Wittgenstein's purported responses to: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Monty Python's Philosopher's Song

Electronic Mailing Lists, Message Boards, and Chat Rooms

Wittgenstein-related Mailing Lists/Chat Rooms on Yahoo! Groups
Wittgenstein Lecture Hall

Dramatic Works

Wittgenstein a film by Derek Jarman
Wittgenstein on Marsa play byGeorge Coates
Wittgenstein: The Musical (Google cache of defunct page)

Pictures, Art, and the 3-Dimensional

Gallery Go to the Wittgenstein Picture Gallery
smtshort.gif Timothy Shortell's Ink Drawing of Wittgenstein
drabbit.gif A Picture of the 'Duck-Rabbit' discussed by Wittgenstein in PI
Klimt Painting of Wittgenstein's sister Margaret Stonborough-Wittgensteinby Gustav Klimt
A 3D VRML of Wittgenstein's architecture. (You'll need a browser plug-in)

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