Tuesday March 7th Results

These are based on preliminary results. It will be updated when final results become available. You can get the most up-to-date results at Vote2000.ss.ca.gov, on the website of California's Secretary of State. You may also want to look at our original positions on the props

Prop 1A: Indian Self Reliance.
Good news. It's winning.
Prop 12: Parks and Water Bond
Bad news. It's winning. It's not a heinous restriction on freedom, but it is wasteful spending.
Prop 13: Drinking Water Bond
Bad news. It's winning. A lot of money to do very little for the environment.
Prop 14: Library Bonds
Bad news. It's winning.
Prop 15: Crime Labs Bond
Good news. It's losing, although not by much. Might change with move votes counted, especially absentee.
Prop 16: Veteran's Home
Bad news. It's winning.
Prop 17: Lotteries and Raffles
Good news. It's winning, so charities will have another tool for raising money.
Prop 18: Murder, Special Circumstances
No position. It's passing. It looks to be a pretty straightforward clarification of a loophole in the law, whereby identical crimes were punished differently.
Prop 19: Peace Officers
Bad news. It's winning, so more special treatment for civil servants.
Prop 20: Lottery Funds Earmarking
Bad news. It's winning, so yet more statewide control over schools. The margin is slim, so this may turn around.
Prop 21: Juvenile Crime
Bad news. Real bad. Passing by a landslide. It's only losing in a couple of Bay Area counties.
Prop 22: Limit on Marriage
Bad news. The homophobes have pushed this one through by a pretty good margin. It's winning everywhere except San Francisco.
Prop 23: None of the Above
Bad news. It's not passing. No idea why. I mean, how can you oppose this?
Prop 25: Campaign Finance
Good news. It's not passing. Candidates will be force to actually raise money, rather than taking it from the taxpayers before they are even elected.
Prop 26: Majority Vote for Tax Hike
Good news. It's not passing. A 2/3 majority will continue to be required.
Prop 27: Term Limits Declaration
Bad news. Not passing. Well, sort of mediocre news, because the law wouldn't have done that much even if it had passed. Not something to stress over.
Prop 28: Repeal Tobacco Tax
Bad news. You can never go wrong with a whining appeal that we must "save the children". Failing by a big landslide.
Prop 29: Indian Gaming
Indifferent news. It's passing, but that's okay because it has no effect if 1A passes, which it is. Still sort of sad that the voters are clueless.
Prop 30: Insurance Lawsuits
No position. It's failing by a landslide.
Prop 31: Insurance Amendments
No position. It's failing by an even bigger landslide.
State Assembly District 14
Our own Dan Burton has received 5.2% of the vote, in comparison to the Republican Udinsky receiving 13.1%. Go Dan.
U.S. Congress District 9
Fred Foldvary, who once spoke at a Cal Libertarians meeting, is receiving 3.3% of the vote, in comparison to the Republican Washington's 10.4%.
State Senate District 9
James Eyer is receiving similar percentages to the other local races: 5.2% against the Republican's 13%.
U.S. Senate
Gail Lightfoot received more votes (76,690 as of 1am) than any other third party candidate. The Republican race is going to Tom Campbell, who I think most libertarians would be very pleased to see defeat Diane Feinstein.

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Last updated: 7 March 2000, Kevin Dempsey Peterson