Forum Series 1: Pandemics & Politics

The Editors

Introduction: Changing Landscapes

Dom Tartaglia, Kaitlyn L. Kinney, Christine J. Widmayer, Annamarie Morel, Daisy Ahlstone, & Jared L. Schmidt

Becoming Folkwise: Sustaining Digital Community While Socially Distant (Essay)

Juwen Zhang

Making Sense of the Pandemic of Racism: From the Asian Exclusion Act in 1924 to the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act in 2021

Response by: Fariha I. Khan

Lucy M. Long

Refrigerators, Cupboards, and Canning Jars: Emergent Meanings and Subversive Practices in Food Preservation and Storage During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Response by: Janet C. Gilmore

Andrea Kitta

God is My Vaccine: Religious Belief and COVID in the United States (Essay)

Levi Bochantin & James I. Deutsch

The Folkloric Roots and Pandemic Popularity of the QAnon Conspiracy Theory (Essay)

Malay Bera

Interrogating Social Distancing: Pandemic and Farmers’ Protest in India

Approaching Trauma through Laughter, Betrayal, and Othering: Volume 20.2

Tuulikki Kurki, Tiiu Jaago, Saija Kaskinen, Kirsi Laurén, Tarja Tanttu

Introduction: Approaching Trauma through Laughter, Betrayal, and Othering

Liisi Laineste

Laughing Through Tears: Online Reactions to Trauma-related Humor in Estonia

Saija Kaskinen

The Story of Migration and Betrayal: Finnish-Americans Coming Down with Karelian Fever

Tarja Tanttu & Tuulikki Kurki

Odd One Out: Writers Addressing Othering and Exclusion in Finland

Jopi Nyman

Response: Trauma at the Borders

Book Review

by Judith Lepore

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  • Cultural Analysis is global in scope, with an international editorial board.

  • Cultural Analysis is global in scope, with an international editorial board.


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