Research Highlights

Smart Planet, June, 2010

Los Angeles Times, May 20, 2010

One day your pants will power up your iPod. more

Forefront Spring 2010, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

"Current" fashion. more (in page 7)

Science Magazine - News Focus, April 2010

Nanogenerators Tap Waste Energy To Power Ultrasmall Electronics. more

KRON4 News Featuring Our Nanogenerator, April 2010

Press for Our Nanogenerator

Our nanogenerator has been featured in various news articles!
UPI | PC World | Sina (in Chinese) | Tonic | Science Daily | PhysOrg | Futurity |
Nanowerk | New Scientist | Plastic Trend | TCE Today | Digital Trends | Smart Textiles and Nanotechnology |

UC Berkeley Press Release, February 2010

New fiber nanogenerators could lead to electric clothing. more

The Daily Californian, February 2010

Nanofibers Turn Movement into Electricity. more

RSC Chemistry World, January 2010

Polymer nanofibres smash energy record. more

Forefront Fall 2009, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

The big deal about small. more

Lab Notes 2007, Research from the College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

New Spin-Off. more

Forefront Fall 2006, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

Innovations: Cutting-edge research from Berkeley Engineering
How to control nanofibers. more

Berkeley Nano Forum 2006

Picture selected to be printed on the T-shirt for Berkeley Nano Forum 2006, which would be received by all attendees.

UC Berkeley Press Release, April 2006

Nanofibers created in orderly fashion! more