The True Spiritual Roots for All Chinese 

(English edition)

The True Spiritual Roots of the Chinese People

(Chinese edition)



Are you Chinese? An ABC (American Born Chinese) perhaps?  Have you ever wondered about your roots?  Do you know where your true roots are, as a Chinese and as a human being? Do you know why you are here on this earth and how you got here? Through historical comparison and discourse, this booklet explains the true spiritual and religious roots of the Chinese people. Are our true spiritual and religious roots found in Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Atheism, or even Christianity!? You will find the exciting answers to these questions and more in this pamphlet!

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你是不是中國人?作爲一個人,特別是一個中國人,你知不知道你真正的根本從何而來? 你知不知道你爲何會活在世上,而且你市怎麽來的呢?這本小冊子是從歷史的比較中解釋中國人屬靈宗教信仰的根源。我們信仰的根源是否來自佛教,道教,孔教, 無神論, 甚或基督教呢? 閲讀完這本冊子將能幫你解答以上那些問題!



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