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2.4  Mind Dharma of the Sixth Patriarch (2010)


For a brief description of the events leading up to the publication of this book, see the preface that I’ve written. The lectures were originally delivered in May 2003, and they were printed in Chan magazine around 2006, after having been transcribed and edited by Ven. Chang Wen 常聞, Bruce Rickenbacker, and Ernest Heau. Then Ernest and I edited the lectures a final time for the combined version, completed in 2010, which I think is the appropriate date for publication. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the corrections I suggested were not incorporated into the version available online, so I include my list of suggested corrections below.
The Venerable Guo Xing 果醒  wrote an introduction for this publication, and Alexander Zhitomirsky wrote another preface, but none of this front matter has been incorporated into the version posted on the Chan Meditation Center website. Sheng Yen also gave other related talks in Russia, including several before the retreat began, which have also not been included in this booklet.

Reference: Sheng Yen (Venerable). 2010. The Mind Dharma of the Sixth Patriarch. Translated by Douglas Gildow. New York: Dharma Drum Publications.

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