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I study Buddhism and traditional Chinese religions. This website includes some of my writings, photographs, and other resources up until the year 2015 or so. The content mainly relates to Chinese Buddhism. This website is no longer actively maintained, and some of the links may be inactive.


Website Contents

1.0 Unpublished Research (before 2010)
       1.1 A True Likeness of Śākyamuni?
1.2 Buddhist, Daoist, or Capitalist?
 1.3 Translation of Japanese Article on Chinese Mummies

2.0 Publications (before 2015)
       2.1 Orthodox Chinese Buddhism (2007)
2.2 Flesh Bodies, Stiff Corpses, and Gathered Gold (2006)
2.3 Buddhist Mummification in Taiwan (2005)
2.4 Mind Dharma of the Sixth Patriarch (2010)  
       2.5 Reintroduction and Diffusion of Mummification Practices in Taiwan (2011)
       2.6 西方学术界对禅宗“东山法脉”的研究 (2014)
       2.7 The Chinese Buddhist Ritual Field (2014)

 3.0 Links

4.0 Photographs


Translation of Japanese Article on Chinese Mummies