July 12, 2001 -- The Highdive, Champaign, IL

My first photos. My apologies to Seth -- none of the photos that had him in them came out well enough to be postable.

(l to r) Adam Fein, Yichel Chan, and Tristan Wraight strum away at their guitars.
Erin Fein focuses on the keyboard.
"Okay, guys. This time, we're going for the end zone!"
Adam sings with gusto.
Mike Zolfo tries his hand at the sound effects machine.
Adam, Yichel, and Tristan show some energy.

April 19, 2002 -- The Highdive, Champaign, IL

Adam, Erin, and Mike play away at their instruments. Photo courtesy of Todd Hunter.

May 8, 2002 -- The Highdive, Champaign, IL

Aw, how cute! Adam and Erin share a mike. Photo courtesy of Todd Hunter.

April 26, 2003 -- Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, IL

You can click on these thumbnails for a larger image.

A Fein family portrait. (l to r) Erin, Seth, and Adam.
Adam at the mike.
Adam plays his guitar while Seth drums in the background.
Erin's got the keyboard covered.
Seth shakes something that looks like a maraca without a handle.
Same as image above, but different angle.
Tristan strums his guitar.
Group shot, attempt #1. Unfortunately, Erin is obscuring Seth.
Group shot, attempt #2. Much better.
Adam is back to his singing ways.
And so is Erin.
Brett's so skilled, he's got two instruments.
Erin and Adam create yet another masterpiece of vocal harmony.
More singing from Erin.
Sometimes I wonder how the drums survive Seth.
Adam takes center stage once again.
It must be keyboard night at the Cowboy Monkey. Now Tristan has a go at it.
Seth has really worked up a sweat playing the drums.
Brett, Erin, Seth, and Adam play their instruments.
As usual, fans pack the venue when Absinthe Blind is playing.

July 22, 2003 -- WPGU FM's Website

A screenshot of WPGU FM's website showing the previous night's Top 8 at 8. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image, and look at who's #1!

August 11, 2003 -- Iron Post, Urbana, IL

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Adam tunes his guitar before AB's performance.
A shot of the stage right before AB is set to come on, showing its appearance unmodified by the camera's flash.
Adam does his thing with the guitar and the mike.
And so does Erin, with the guitar replaced by a keyboard.
Mandatory Adam singing shot. You'll be missed, buddy!
Erin and Adam take the gold in synchronized singing.
Adam and Tristan tapping their pedals.
A group shot for the ages.
Seth is having a good time with the drums.
If you think Tristan looks cool now, just wait 'till you see him singing on the next tour!
Talk about being synchronized. All three Feins' mouths are open at the same time!
Adam takes charge, flanked by his bandmates.
Adam sings, Seth drums, and Brett and Erin look very focused.
Adam and Seth are still doing their thing, but now it's Tristan's turn to display the focused look.
A group shot from a different angle.

September 19, 2004 -- 12 Galaxies (formerly Club Galia), San Francisco, CA

Look at this paper towel dispenser in the men's bathroom. There's an Absinthe Blind sticker on the top and a Grand Theft Autumn (Champaign-Urbana record label that Adam works with) on the bottom. Even out here in San Francisco, people know AB. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

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