Touching young hearts, Changing lives forever!



Domba Kecil is committed to reaching kids! We would love to come to your church or organization for ministry and crusades! While we’re there, let us empower your ministry with a special session just for your children’s workers where we teach techniques and tools to better reach your kids! Or join us in Jakarta for our several seminars and workshops designed to lead you to lead children to Christ!

Ministry in your City!
We are happy to come minister to the Children in your church or organization! No group is too small!
Domba Kecil Playgroup
Your child will learn about God, as well as colors, shapes, and letters!
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Children's Worker Training in Your City
Reach more children with proven ministry techniques and tools! General instruction as well as specific workshops are available!

Domba Kecil Magazine
Written and drawn by our expert team, this magazine reaches out to children with fun, colorful comics and info to teach Godly principles!
Workshops in Jakarta!
Visit us as we host the most popular ministry workshops and seminars in Jakarta!
SPA - School for Children's Pastors
This in-depth course meets twice weekly to learn everything we know about ministry. Your ministry will never be the same!
Crusade Events
Reaching 600-10,000 children or youth, these events inspire kids to grow and live after Christ!
  SAA - Bible School for Kids
Kids aren't just idling after school at SAA! Help their roots of faith grow deep as they study the Word!
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