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I am a PhD candidate working with David Romps in the Earth and Planetary Science department at UC Berkeley. My research focuses the interaction between large-scale circulations and moist convection.

During my PhD studies, I developed a new form of the weak-pressure-gradient approximation (WPG) which can be used in cloud-resolving and single-column simulations to prognose large-scale circulations consistent with the convection and other dynamics resolved by the simulation (Edman and Romps 2014). I tested this WPG method and others in a novel self-consistency-testing framework and showed that, while parameterizing large-scale dynamics can introduce significant errors into a simulation, the new WPG method improves on prior attempts to parameterize large-scale dynamics (Edman and Romps 2015).

More recently, I have been studying how gravity waves smooth out temperature anomalies in the tropics. Traditionally, we simplify the problem by assuming the tropopause is a rigid lid, but this assumption unrealistically prevents wave energy from propagating out of the troposphere. This upward radiation of wave energy quickly smooths out temperature anomalies; for details see Edman and Romps 2017.

For a more complete academic history, check out my CV.