Wallis Lab

Frequently asked questions

We receive many inquiries from prospective students and postdocs and there are too many to respond to each one. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions.


Q: Are you accepting post-docs?

A. Yes, we always have openings for excellent postdocs. At the moment we are only considering outstanding candidates that have a strong background and interests in the computational analysis of neuronal data and/or animal training. Please email me directly regarding post-doc positions.

Graduate Students

Q: Are you accepting graduate students next year?

Yes, we are always looking for talented graduate students. Please apply through either the Neuroscience, Psychology or Bioengineering graduate programs, depending on your research background. Please note that we are only looking for students with strong quantitative or computational skills.


Q: Do you have a position for a research asistant?

A: We do not have any positions for undergraduates, interns or high school students. Our work is technically complex and requires a great deal of training.