English Lesson Plans...


...a la Jeffrey.

高 High School Oral Communications

Kid tested--JTE approved!
Here is a comprehensive, full-year curriculum of English lesson plans designed for and rigorously tested on 1st-year high school students of the technical school variety. It is adaptable to other environments, though individual mileage may vary.

I am making my lesson plans available here in Microsoft Word (.doc) format so that you can easily download and modify them to suit your needs. These lessons were designed for 1st year Oral Communications classes at a technical high school. Individual lessons span 1-3 class periods each, arranged in thematic units that form the stages of a year-long trajectory that carries my students (fresh out of junior high) from saying "Hello, how are you?" to composing and performing a simple rap verse. These materials should be easily adaptable up or down for use in JHS Elective Courses, SHS Academic English Clubs, or Adult Oral Communications Classes. For each segment, there is a carefully formatted lesson plan to help keep you and your JTEs on the same page. There may also be various handouts, activity worksheets, or game cards. These files are fully compatible with MS Office 2000 for both English and Japanese Windows operating systems. I must warn you that some of these handouts are the result of hours of precise layout and content editing, stretching MS Word's capabilities to the max. So, alter them slowly and carefully as the layout may jump around erratically in unpredictable ways due to MS Word's innate quirkiness.