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Backed by the top professional teaching team from prestigious universities and equipped with over a decade of teaching experience at UC Berkeley and other academic institutions, Top Rigor offers exclusively small classes and customized private lessons in a highly effective learning environment. As a result-driven team, we hold a high academic promise. Our students have achieved a high test score of 95-100% on math, science, English, AP exams and standardized tests taught by us, and many of whom have been offered an admission to the very top colleges and national universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Berkeley, UCLA and other highly competitive academic institutions.

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley campus
UC Berkeley Ranking
#4 Global Rank - Berkeley, CA "Best value and best public university in the world!" See a complete list of 1,000 universities in worldwide ranking.

If you, the student, or your children plan to apply to a world-renowned university whether in the distant or near future, you may have arrived at your final destination. With highly skilled, well trained professional tutors achieving perfect scores in several advanced subjects and standardized tests, we have helped hundreds of students achieve high test scores and GPAs. We teach students how to become effective independent learners by learning to analyze the test questions like a test writer.

Stanford University

Stanford campus
Stanford University Ranking
#3 Global Rank - Palo Alto, CA "Stanford has arguably produced the most successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley!" See a complete list of 1,000 universities in worldwide ranking.

Hence, we can assure the instant maximum learning experience. You will learn how to analyze the materials and approach them from the big picture narrowing down to the specific targets. Upon extensive training, you will be able to create the tests and meet the expectation of the test makers.


Caltech campus
Caltech Ranking
#5 Global Rank - Pasadena, CA "Leader in aerospace technology, Caltech runs Jet Propulsion Lab!" See a complete list of 1,000 universities in worldwide ranking.

In the final analysis, we will train you to become a creative thinker and a resourceful student to others. With us, you can master the material/test without utilizing the calculator, translator or dictionary even if you had limited vocabularies or arithmetic.


UCLA campus
UCLA Ranking
#10 Global Rank - Westwood, CA "Top entertainment department producing the most rich and famous actors/actresses in Hollywood!" See a complete list of 1,000 universities in worldwide ranking.

Students will learn how to do split-second computation in their brain in order to quickly spot the right answer for the IQ-test type questions on standardized tests. We employ a rigorous college-style teaching method when leading students to the full-scale solutions to problems. As a result, our students will finish math tests without using a calculator much faster than those using the calculator. As for English, students will learn how to dissect the passage into pieces, pinpoint the thesis from the reading and quickly narrow down the author's objective while learning to write a great-flow compelling essay with complex structures and the ability to engage the readers. We don't teach guessing techniques, but the nuts and bolts of the subject, and we train our students to use the backbone subject knowledge from our classes to teach other students. Our focus is to help build a solid foundation preparing students to succeed in rigorous academic environments and at the top colleges. Hence, our graduates can expect to master the subject/test and know the materials thorough enough to be able to help their peers ace the same subject/test. They will become a master of the subject if they can teach others.

Harvard University

Harvard University campus
Harvard University Ranking
#1 Global Rank - Cambridge, MA "Harvard is arguably the richest and the world's most famous university!" See a complete list of 1,000 universities in worldwide ranking.

Students will be assessed with a diagnostic test to find areas of weakness at the first meeting. We prepare and utilize my custom designed, high-level materials for our fast-paced session while always teaching new materials and never recycling the lessons. We are very passionate about educating and training young people to become productive leaders in their community while helping them build confidence in passing the entrance exams to get into a private or top middle school, high school, college and graduate/professional school.


MIT campus
MIT Ranking
#2 Global Rank - Cambridge, MA "MIT is arguably the most well-known engineering school in the world!" See a complete list of 1,000 universities in worldwide ranking.

Our students are trained to be self-reliant and eventually be able to teach themselves more advanced topics utilizing a strong background taught by us. We hope that our students would spread a unique learning experience here and share knowledge with their peers. Students are encouraged to help other disadvantaged or poorly performed students. By helping others, students can learn more and will ultimately master the subject. Our guidance will propel students to be a productive asset in the society.