Matt Rahaim

Hindustani Vocalist: Khyal, Gwalior Gayaki  // shagird of Laxman Krishnarao Pandit

Improviser: Voice, movement, and analog synthesizers

Composer: Event scores, electroacoustic environments, virtual spaces, experimental phenomenology, anthropocene collage

Scholar: Professor of Music at the University of Minnesota in the division of Creative Studies and Media.
History and ethnography of South Asian music; speculative musical philosophy; voice studies, practices of listening, intonation theory, musical ethics and metaphysics.  My teaching is rooted in experimentation, contemplation, and the liberal arts tradition.

Spotify: Raga Asavari & Raga Bhimpalasi
Spotify: Raga Puriya
Rag Komal Rishabh Asavari (2020)
Rag Bhimpalasi (2021)
Rag Puriya (2023)
Microviolet: Accident Party (2022)
Misi-Ziibi Song #1 (2023)

books and articles
Musicking Bodies: Gesture and Voice in Hindustani Music (2012)
Ways of Voice: Vocal Striving and Moral Contestation in North India and Beyond (2021)

Ways of Voice Companion Website

"Not Just One, Not Just Now: Relational Voices in Time" (2021)
"Authority, Critique, and Revision in the Sanskrit Music-Theoretic Tradition: Re-Reading the Svara-Mela-Kalānidhi." (2015)
"Object, Person, Machine, or What: Practical Ontologies of Voice" (2019)
"Otherwise Than Participation: Unity and Alterity in Musical Encounters" (2017)
"Theories of Participation" (2019)
"That Ban(e) of Indian Music: Hearing Politics in the Harmonium"(2011)

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