Student at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in computer science, mathematics, and business administration

Email: ude.yelekreb@leen

Twitter: @NeelJSomani


Neel Somani

I'm interested in research opportunities, contract work, and full-time positions.

I've developed several web and mobile applications through my company, Apptic LLC. A portfolio of selected applications is available on my website:

I'm currently involved in research within the UC Berkeley RISELab. In the past, I've worked as an Associate Consultant Intern at Bain & Company, and as a Software Engineering Intern at Google.

Selected Research

  • Optio: I worked with Dr. Joseph Near and Professor Dawn Song to build privacy-preserving services using dedicated hardware (Intel SGX) and machine learning algorithms. Optio is a type system that allows developers to check their code for differential privacy, statically and automatically.
  • Brainspell: This is a statistical platform for the human curation of neuroimaging literature, which I'm working on with the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS). The application previously used a LAMP stack; I rebuilt it using the Tornado framework in Python, designed an API for collaborators to contribute, and deployed the application on Heroku. The project was accepted into "Human Brain Mapping" (abstract).


  • Bain & Company (June - August 2018): As an Associate Consultant Intern, I worked with a large biotechnology company on exposing the cost drivers of clinical trials, to be used in future budgets. My work implemented more accurate budgeting practices in over 500 cost centers globally.
  • Google (May - August 2017): As a Software Engineering Intern on the analytics team for real-time communications apps, I built a highly scalable backend tool for Google Hangouts, Meet, Allo, etc., which processes 100+ terabytes of raw logs.

Selected Projects

  • Foley Rounds: This iPhone app consists of a series of patient safety checklists that I built for Dr. Samir Desai at the Baylor College of Medicine. My app has been adopted for use by 50 physicians, and it's been awarded a grant from the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine.
  • Clockins: A number of years ago (in high school), I built an employee check-in system that used the GPS capability on Android devices. I've released a stripped-down version of the code, and I released the calendar component as open-source as well.