Email: sredliub.espilce@leen

About Me

Neel Somani

I'm building customizable blockchain infrastructure with Eclipse.

I was previously a quantitative researcher at Citadel in the commodities group. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a triple major in computer science, mathematics, and business administration in May 2019.

You can refer to my LinkedIn for previous work experience.

My research projects focused on type systems, differential privacy, and highly-scalable machine learning systems. Fun fact: I'm a licensed Realtor with the brokerage Keller Williams!

Selected Research

  • PrivGuard: I worked with Prof. Joseph Near and Prof. Dawn Song to define a type system capable of automatically enforcing popular privacy and security regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA.
  • Duet: This is a type system that allows developers to check their code for differential privacy, statically and automatically. I used dedicated hardware (Intel SGX) and machine learning algorithms to build privacy-preserving services.

Selected Projects

  • Intro to power pricing: I write technical blog posts in my free time. In this post, I explain the basics of the electricity market. This article reached the top of Hacker News.
  • Cirrus: I worked with Prof. Randy Katz in the UC Berkeley RISELab to build a highly-scalable machine learning framework that runs in a serverless environment using AWS Lambda.