Patrick Davidson's TI-92 Plus / Voyage 200 Page

Here you can obtain my TI-92 Plus games. These programs should also work with no problems on the Voyage 200. They are all written in assembly or C to take full advantage of the capabilites of the calculator. All of these are "nostub" games so no "shell" or "kernel" is required (though they will still work if one is installed). They are compatible with hardware version 1 and 2, and all AMS versions from 1.01 to 2.09 (and they should work on any newer versions that are ever released as well).

TI-92 Plus games available for download

If you want programs in text format, please read this page.

Program name
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AuthorSize (click to download)DescriptionScreenshots
Mercury 1.1 Patrick Davidson 116532 bytes
on-calc size: 23867 bytes
A fast, highly intense grayscale space shoot-em-up game with horizontal parallax-scrolling levels, many types of enemies, and many bonuses you can collect. Also features high scores and save game.
Platinum Edition 1.4 Patrick Davidson 93033 bytes
on-calc size: 22121 bytes
A fast, highly intense grayscale space shoot-em-up game with many levels and enemy types and a "parallax" scrolling background.
Monster 1.3 Patrick Davidson 52607 bytes
on-calc size: 11479 bytes
A grayscale breakout-like game with scrolling, external levels, and bonuses. A PC-based level editor is available for Windows.
Smiley's Adventure 0.27 Patrick Davidson 55576 bytes
on-calc size: 12985 bytes
A platform game in black-and-white with parallax scrolling, with external levels.
Phoenix 7.6 Patrick Davidson 89678 bytes
on-calc size: 16161 bytes
A fast, highly intense space shoot-em-up game with upgrades to your ship, many levels and enemy types, multiple difficulty levels, high scores, and many more features.