Self Pollution Radio, 1/8/95


Matt: Listen up, fuckers. This is Lukin, over here. I don't know if you fuckers are in town or not, but, uh, Peters is having a little gathering for a little New Year's Eve...a little New Year's Eve party. Nothing huge, just a few people over to get drunk, fall down. But, uh, don't think you guys are in town, but just in case you are I thought I'd let you know. Anyway, hope you had a merry Christmas, and happy New Year and whatever else. I'll continue hating the world and everything else in it for the next year or two.

Haven't started off to good. I went out to the recycling bin to take some shit out there and noticed that the neighbors have been filling their fucking shit, putting their shit in it. So I searched through all their fucking McDonald's sacks and I found a couple envelopes with their address. I think I'm just going to wheel it on down to their house and put it in their front yard...spread it in their front yard. Anyway, I'll be talking with you guys later. Later.

(Later in the show. A pair of the Foo Fighters demos had just been played)

Eddie: Now, now Steve, you had a...we were just commenting on the genius of...

Steve: Dave Grohl.

Eddie: Dave Grohl's record, and you had a (laughs), you had a comment.

Steve: The genius started long ago in Dain Bramage (laughter). That would be the, the band he was in about '87...

Eddie: '87 you say.

Steve: He started off good, and he's getting better.

Eddie: Cool. Well, uh, speaking of, if I look in the house, they're telling me the band's ready to play. The next band is Chris, Kim, Matt and Ben of Soundgarden. So, they're going to play some songs for you. I hope you enjoy them.

(Soundgarden performs)