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Sunday, August 2
Show Recaps

Added the setlist and notes for this weekend's shows to the Tourbook.

Catching up with recent happenings:

  • Mudhoney has a Seattle benefit gig in October with details TBD.
  • Mark is definitely not playing a set of Stooges covers with Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Duff McKagan (Walking Papers/Guns N' Roses), and Barrett Martin (Walking Papers/Screaming Trees). But if he was, that'd be in Seattle soon and announced as soon as the organizers can get their act together, which should be done with plenty of time for people to make plans to attend.
  • Steve's Phantom Ships are playing The Foggy Notion in Portland on August 14, supporting Panzer Beat and Hellamondo.
  • They also have an album out, with vinyl coming soon.
  • They also also have a split single coming out, with Dan's Tripwires taking the other side.

Monday, July 20
Show Recap

Added the setlist and notes for a surprise tonight in Seattle to the Tourbook.

Monday, July 13
Show Recap

Added the setlist for last night in New York City in the Tourbook.

Sunday, July 12
Tourbook Update

Added the setlist for last night in Allston/Boston in the Tourbook.

Saturday, July 11
Tourbook Updates

Added the setlist for last night in Portland, ME, and added more notes for Philadelphia, in the Tourbook. (Thanks to John K. for Philadelphia)

Friday, July 10
Tourbook Updates

Added/updated recent shows - added the soundcheck and corrected the set for Pittsburgh, and added the set and notes for Philadelphia - in the Tourbook. (Thanks to Jimmy H. for Pittsburgh and John K. for Philadelphia)

Wednesday, July 8
More Tourbook Updates

Added the setlist for Millvale/Pittsburgh tonight and a complete setlist for New York City to the Tourbook.

Tourbook Updates
Added setlists (some partial) and notes for the first three shows of the tour - Iceland, New York City, and Washington D.C. - in the Tourbook. (Thanks to John K. for D.C.)

Friday, June 26
Tourbook Updates

Added or updated the following shows in the Tourbook:

Sunday, June 21
New Show

They've got another Seattle show in August, on the Tour page.

New Records
Sub Pop has released represses of the Since We've Become Translucent and Under a Billion Suns LPs, and they're available in the Sub Pop Mega Mart. The first batch of these represses are available on Loser Edition colored vinyl. The records are some form of a remaster and may have slight sonic differences from the original versions. They lost the parts used to press the records, so cut new ones. And when they did this, they just checked that the new master taken from the tapes sounded good, rather than directly comparing it to the old masters. Also, Steve's Phantom Ships have three 45s coming out soon. Test pressings have been made and are being considered.

Tuesday, June 16
New Shows

They've got a Seattle-ish show in August, and the Tripwires and Phantom Ships have new gigs, on the Tour page.

Sunday, June 14
Show Recap

Added the setlist and notes for yesterday in Seattle to the Tourbook.

Sunday, May 31
Mark Speaks

Mark is having a conversation with Jon Fine to promote Jon's new book, Your Band Sucks It's at The Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle on Monday, June 8, at 7pm, and is free.

Saturday, May 30
Show Recaps

Added recent setlists - Schaffhausen, Feyzin, Lille, Brighton, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, and tonight in London - to the Tourbook. (Thanks to Doug B. for Glasgow!)

Friday, May 22
Show Recaps

Added the setlists for Geneva and Zug, CH to the Tourbook.

Tuesday, May 19
Show Recap

Added the setlist for Mezzago, IT to the Tourbook.

Sunday, May 17
Show Recap

Added the setlist for last night in Ravenna, IT to the Tourbook.

Friday, May 15
Show Recap

Added the setlist for tonight in Roncade, IT to the Tourbook.

New Show
They're playing San Francisco in that October California run, on the Tour page.

Thursday, May 14
Show Recaps

Added setlists for recent shows - Stockholm, Aarhus, Odense, Berlin, Prague, and Vienna - to the Tourbook.

Wednesday, May 13
New Shows

Added shows in Tuscon, Phoenix, Pioneertown CA, and San Diego to the Tour page.

Thursday, May 7
Show Recaps

Added setlists for Copenhagen, Gothenburg, and Oslo to the Tourbook.

Monday, May 4
Show Recap

Added setlist for tonight in Hamburg to the Tourbook.

Show Recaps
Added setlists for the first few European tour shows to the Tourbook. Due to the hassle of updating the site while traveling, setlist photos are going up on faster than they're going up here (the photos will go up here eventually). (Thanks to Bettina for Eindhoven)

Wednesday, April 29
New Show

...and San Jose, on the Tour page. And added notes about Seattle in June.

New Show
Added Sacramento to the run of California shows in October, on the Tour page. Also updated the other bands on the bill for the July 12 NYC show.

New Shows
Mudhoney is playing California in October, on the Tour page. More of these shows to come soon.

Pearl Jam OnLine has an interview with Mark. Note the talk of a few new songs, and that the Green River stuff is still progressing, albeit very slowly.

Tuesday, April 28
New Show

Mudhoney is playing as part of the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in June, on the Tour page.

Show Recap
Speaking of corporate gigs, Mudhoney recently played a private beer industry event in Portland. That's noted in the Tourbook.

Sunday, April 19
Recent Happenings

Steve had a busy day yesterday. As DJ Dollar Bin, he spun records at Jackpot Records and Everyday Music in Portland for Record Store Day. Then, at night did an improv set as Midnight Sun at Valentine's with Leighton Beezer (Thrown-Ups), Carla Torgerson, and Fredo Ortiz. Tonight, he's playing some acoustic songs at the Landmark Saloon. Also active yesterday was the reclusive Matt Lukin. He played 'Louie Louie' with The Sonics at Easy Street Records in Seattle. Other guests included Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Van Connor and Mark Pickerel of Screaming Trees, Ben Shepard of Soundgarden, Chris Ballew of The Presidents..., and Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening. Lukin and Eddie Vedder were marked on the setlist as doing 'Have Love Will Travel,' but neither one of them plaed on it. Mark was invited to perform, but was out of town.

Friday, April 3
Seattle Recap

Added the setlist and notes for tonight's show to the Tourbook.

Tuesday, March 31
Happy Birthday, Guy!

Saturday, March 28
Happy Birthday, Steve!

Wednesday, March 25
Mark Arm Doll

Get your own Mark Arm throbblehead at A throbblehead is like a bobblehead except it's got its own special trademark.

Monday, March 16
Tripwires Show

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle next month, on the Tour page.

Monday, March 9
Yet More Show

Added another show to the end of the European tour - Istanbul - on the Tour page.

Tuesday, March 3
Yet More Shows

Added two more shows to the end of the European tour - Belgrade and Athens - on the Tour page.

Tuesday, February 24
More Shows

Mudhoney has a string of East Coast dates in July, and Steve's Phantom Ships has a Portland gig this week, on the Tour page.

Tuesday, January 27
Tripwires Show

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle in March, on the Tour page.

Wednesday, January 21
Mark and Steve on Film

Mark and Steve have been interviewed for a Tales of Terror documentary, in News.

New Show
The Sonics have been a symbol of rebellion for 50 years, so of course they have a finely-tuned marketing plan that includes a coordinated announcement of their show with Mudhoney in April. In view of that, here's a re-announcement of that show, on the Tour page.

Saturday, January 17
Show Recap

Added the setlist and notes for yesterday's show to the Tourbook.

Wednesday, January 14
Show Recap

Added the setlist and notes for tonight's show to the Tourbook.

Tuesday, January 13
Steve Live Recording

The That's the Thing About That blog has a recording of a nice Steve 2003 Denver show. Also check out the recordings of Mudhoney in Denver 2006 on the blog. (Thanks to James Freeman)

Wednesday, January 7
European Support Acts

Added a bevy of support act information to the Tour page.

Thursday, January 1
Happy Birthday, Mudhoney!

Mudhoney is 27 years old today, commemorating the first band practice held by the original four - Dan, Mark, Matt, and Steve.

2015 is shaping up to be focused on Europe, with a ton of dates already scheduled for there - along with the Seattle date in a few weeks. And other things will no doubt pop up as the year moves on.

This site is also celebrating its birthday today. Thanks to everyone who's written in with something to share with their fellow fans. This site wouldn't be half of what it is without people kindly doing that. If you have something to share, please email

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