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Sunday, May 13
Show Recaps

Added the setlist and notes for both Toronto shows yesterday to the Tourbook. (Thanks to Jimmy H.)

Thursday, May 10
Raw Power Show Recap

5/10/18 "Musicares Concert for Recovery". The Showbox. Seattle, WA (10 min)
Attendance: 800
Supporting: (Various Mike McCready pickup bands)
Set: Search and Destroy (w/Danny Newcomb), T.V. Eye
Notes: The Raw Power band - Mark, Mike McCready, Duff McKagan, and Barrett Martin playing Stooges songs - opens a show honoring Mike McCready and benefitting Musicares, which aids musicians in need. Danny Newcomb (Mike's bandmate in his first band, Shadow) joins on guitar for 'Search and Destroy.' They play 'Search and Destroy' for the first time - aka they didn't play it at their one other gig to date. After that song ends, Mike tries to introduce the other guys, but his introduction of Mark is interrupted by Mark starting up 'T.V. Eye' with, "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!!!!"

Wednesday, May 9
New Shows

Added a few new American shows, and a November tour of Europe, to the Tour page.

Sunday, May 6
New Shows

Mudhoney is playing a second Toronto show next weekend, and Paris in November, on the Tour page.

Friday, April 27
Side Gig

Mark is playing the Musicares Concert for Recovery on May 10 at the Showbox in Seattle. The event honors Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, and is a benefit for Musicares, which provides assistance to musicians in need. Since it's a benefit, tickets are not inexpensive, and you can get yours at

Friday, April 20
Tourbook Update

Corrected the opener for 4/1/93 Nashville. (Thanks to Rich V.)

Tuesday, April 17
Side Project Gig

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle (well, Tukwila) this weekend, on the Tour page.

Wedneesday, April 11
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Toronto next month, on the Tour page.

Tuesday, April 10
Side Project Gig

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle next month, on the Tour page.

Friday, April 6
Steve DJ Set

As part of Record Store Day on April 21, Steve (aka DJ Dollar Bin) will by DJ'ing at the Jackpot Records on Hawthorne St in Portland, OR from 10am to noon.

Saturday, March 31
Happy Birthday, Guy!

Wednesday, March 28
Happy Birthday, Steve!

Wednesday, March 14
Mudhoney Goodies

Mudhoney has recorded at Crackle & Pop! studio in Seattle, including recording its new record there. Crackle & Pop! is having a Kickstarter to raise money for a studio expansion. If you donate, you can get things like Mark recording your voicemail message, and a test pressing of the new Mudhoney record before the record is available.

Monday, March 5
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Oakland this summer, on the Tour page.

Wednesday, February 21
Happy Birthday, Mark!

Tuesday, February 20
New Side Project Show

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle next month, on the Tour page.

Wednesday, February 7
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Vancouver in September, on the Tour page.

Friday, January 19
LiE is Released!

Mudhoney's live album, LiE is out now! You can get yours from

Friday, January 12

Sup Pop is having a free 30th anniversary festival at Alki Beach in Seattle on August 11. No acts are announced, but Mudhoney is on Sub Pop. And played the 20th anniversary festival. And played the 25th anniversary festival. And is releasing two albums on Sub Pop this year (the live LiE on 1/19 and a studio album TBD).

Guy is participating in the Seattle Rock Lottery at the Crocodile in Seattle tomorrow. Teams of musicians are drawn during the day, and each team is tasked with writing songs that they then perform at the show that evening.

Tuesday, January 9
Side Project Gig

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle next month, on the Tour page.

Sunday, January 7
Tourbook Updates

Updated the following entries in the Tourbook:

Monday, January 1
Happy Birthday, Mudhoney!

30 years in!

In 2017, Mudhoney focused on writng and recording a new record, so played just two shows. They're on track to play at least three shows this year, including a festival in Seattle. They've also got two records forthcoming, Live in Europe/LiE out on January 19 via Sub Pop, and a studio album.

2017 also saw Mudhoney playing a few side project shows, and releasing a few songs here and there. You can read all about that in the 2017 updates for this site.

Today also marks the 20th anniversary of this website. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to contribute information to this site over the past year (and the past 20 years). It's always appreciated, and you can do it at

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