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Mudhoney Recordings
If you have any live recordings of Mudhoney or related bands that you believe haven't been circulated, please get in touch. Especially if they're not fully accounted for in the Tourbook.

Friday, September 17
Side Show

Steve's Sunday State is playing The Fixin' To in Portland on September 23.

Friday, September 10

Mark and Steve talk about previous Mudhoney records, for

A new pressing of My Brother the Cow is being released by Music on Vinyl on September 24. It's on color vinyl, and limited to 1,500 copies.

Side Project
Dan's Tripwires are playing a free show at Hex Enduction in Seattle on September 18 at 3pm. Supporting are Tuff Talk and The Yes Masters.

Bloodworks NW is holding a blood donation drive, and Guy has the following to say:

"Blood donors are critical to providing the best care for the sickest patients. When you donate blood you're helping someone live another day. To have an opportunity to combine my role as an ER nurse and a musician to educate people about the real need for blood donors, that's important to me and for our community."

Sunday, August 22
Tourbook Update

Added the setlist and more notes for 8/24/90 Reading Festival to the Tourbook.

Wednesday, August 18
Happy Birthday, Dan!

Monday, August 16
Happy Birthday, Matt!

Sunday, August 15

Guy has a podcast about his experience as a RN during covid:
My old friend Mathew Hall and I have been working on a podcast series about the experiences of a Level One Trauma Hospital during the initial outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, that being my place of employ Harboview Medical Center. I was reassigned to Covid duties from my regular job in 2020 and the journaling I did during these months forms the basis for the Podcast series. Each episode will feature a member of the hopstials staff with their own perspective on what happened. Episode one is Vanessa Markarewicz, our amazing Infection Prevention Operations Manager. I hope you can find some time to listen to her fascinating account. Please share this post or promote this podcast anywhere you see fit, as I believe the information is interesting and useful, and I hope that this sort of factual presentations of the the real expirences of Health Care workers during the pandemic can help people understand the importance of getting vaccinated and fighting this virus. Thank you for listening.
You can listen here.

Friday, August 13
Tourbook Update

Added 10/26/91 Pullman, WA (and merged it with 10/27/91, for which not even a city was known), and added notes for 7/27/91 Kennewick, WA. (Thanks to Sean H.)

Thursday, August 12
Tourbook Update

Added notes for 3/2/99 Hoboken, NJ to the Tourbook.

Tuesday, July 27
Beauty Hunters Show

Beauty Hunters are playing a free show in Seattle, at Smith Cove Park, on August 6th (7:30-9:30pm).

Sunday, July 25

There's an interview with Steve that was published in Scream & Yell.

Friday, July 23
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge Deluxe is Released!

An entire bonus disc, color vinyl, all that good stuff! You can get yours at a variety of locations, including your local independent record store.

Thursday, July 22
Tour Rescheduled

The Fall European tour has been rescheduled for the Fall of 2022, on the Tour page. Some venues are changed. Nottingham, Brighton, Benidorm, Besancon, Paris, and Leuven are newly added. Ljubjana couldn't be rescheduled.

The plan is to similarly make up the Spring 2020 North America tour in the Spring of 2022. No dates are known yet.

Tuesday, July 20

Thursday, July 15
Another Side Activity

Dan is playing with The Tripwires on September 3 in Seattle at Conor Byrne Pub. They're supported by The Fall-Outs and Head.

Tuesday, July 13
Side Activities

  • Steve is playing at Lombard House in Portland tonight - both with Sunday State and some solo songs. Both will be acoustic.
  • Dan is playing with The Tripwires at Darrell's Tavern in Shoreline, WA on July 24. They're supporting The Yes Masters and supported by Fred Speakman.
  • Guy is a guest on The DR and the DJ Podicast.

Friday, July 2
Songs Mudhoney Likes

Mudhoney has a playlist on Spotify containing 53 songs they like:
These songs and bands were among our favorites when we were writing and recording Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. Get down, eat fudge!

Saturday, June 12
Record Released!

The Mudhoney/Meat Puppets split 45 is out today for Record Store Day. Released by Sub Pop, Mudhoney's song is 'The Warning,' which was originally by The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, and popularized by Black Sabbath. This is limited to 2,500 copies. You can get a copy at your finer independent record stores.

Tuesday, June 2
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge Vinyl Editions

The music is the same, but for the collectors, there will be multiple versions of the Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge LP, out July 23: And presumably Sub Pop will press the record on black after doing color vinyl for its "Loser Edition" preorders, like it regularly does with its releases.

Tuesday, May 25
New Old Mudhoney!
Mudhoney is releasing a 30th anniversary deluxe edition of Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge on July 23. The record is remastered, released via Sub Pop (SP1414), is on limited color vinyl (and also CD), and has the following bonus tracks on the second disk:
  1. March to Fuzz
  2. Ounce of Deception
  3. Paperback Life (alternate version)
  4. Fuzzbuster
  5. Bushpusher Man
  6. Flowers for Industry
  7. Thorn (1st attempt)
  8. Overblown
  9. March From Fuzz
  10. You're Gone
  11. Something So Clear (24-track demo)
  12. Bushpusher Man (24-track demo)
  13. Pokin' Around (24-track demo)
  14. Check-Out Time (24-track demo)
  15. Generation Genocide (24-track demo)
About half of those tracks are previously unreleased: the alternate versions of 'Paperback Life' and 'Thorn,' 'Flowers for Industry,' and then four of the five demos. Most of the rest were released on the March to Fuzz compilation, 'March to Fuzz' was released on the split single with Gas Huffer in 1991, and the 'Something So Clear' demo was released on a flexi disc with Reflex magazine in 1991.

They've released a video for 'Ounce of Deception:'

You can order your copy at

Thursday, May 20
Two Steve Performances

You may have caught Steve's Sunday State on Portland, OR radio (Portland Radio Project, 99.1 FM) yesterday, with a performance and interview. Sunday State will be playing tomorrow in Portland: Strum Guitars on Friday, May 21, at 7pm (doors at 6:30). Limited seating, $10.

Mudhoney on Compilation
Mudhoney's performance of 'What to do with the Neutral' from KNDD radio Seattle on 4/1/2013 is available on the soundtrack to The Glamor and the Squalor, which is now available on vinyl from Enjoy the Ride Records (ETR 118). 350 copies on gold, 150 copies on "silver Space Needle stripe." The movie is a documentary about Marco Collins, who was a DJ at KNDD. (Thanks to Zach J.)

Tuesday, May 11
New Old Shirts

Mudhoney's European t-shirt company has reissued some classic Mudhoney shirts, and you can get them at

Saturday, April 17
Tourbook Updates

Updated the following entries in the Tourbook:

Tuesday, April 13
MudHoney Tunnel Boring Machine

Seattle Public Utlities has christened its new tunnel boring machine "MudHoney." You can read all about the project (with quotes from Mark) at

You can see MudHoney for yourself (from a safe distance!) before it goes underground. It's located on the west side of Shilshole Ave NW in Seattle just south of NW Market St.

Wednesday, April 7
New Release

Mudhoney will release a split 45 with The Meat Puppets on June 12 as part of Record Store Day, and via Sub Pop. Mudhoney's song is 'The Warning,' which was originally by The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, and popularized by Black Sabbath. This is limited to 2,500 copies.

Beauty Hunters Livestream Friday
Beauty Hunters will be starting their Friday livestream at 8:30pm PDT, and the link is below.

Monday, April 5
Beauty Hunters Album Out Friday!

Guy's Beauty Hunters are releasing their Animal Magmatism LP on Friday, at It's limited to 250 copies on color vinyl, with the first 50 including a blotter-art rendition of the album artwork.

Also on Friday, they'll be doing a livestream on their YouTube channel at 8pm PDT (GMT -0700).

Friday, April 2
Sunday State Album Out Today!

Steve's Sunday State has released a self-titled LP today, available at Vinyl should be available in the Summer.

Wednesday, March 31
Happy Birthday, Guy!

Matt is the guest on the latest episode of the Seattle Today podcast, available at

Sunday, March 28
Happy Birthday, Steve!

Friday, March 26

Seattle Public Utilities is having a vote on the name of its new tunnel boring machine, and one candidate is Mudhoney. Dan says, "Hey everyone. Click this link and help name this machine Mudhoney." You can vote at

Wednesday, March 10
Tourbook Update

Added the complete setlist and other details for 7/12/11 Turku, Finland and 7/13/11 Helsinki, Finland in the Tourbook. (Thanks to Pyry K.)

Monday, March 1
New Sunday State Song

Steve's Sunday State have released the first single from their next, self-titled, record - 'White Pine County' - via They're releasing the record on April 2, and it can be pre-ordered at They recorded it with Ken Stringfellow at his studio in Seattle, and with Larry Crane at Jackpot! Studio in Portland.

Saturday, February 27
Tourbook Update

Added the complete setlist and notes for 6/21/90 London in the Tourbook.

Sunday, February 21
Happy Birthday, Mark!

Kerrang! has an interview with Mark.

Tourbook Updates
Added the setlist for Green River - 9/25/84 Seattle, WA, and added Green River - 2/21/86 Seattle, WA, to the Tourbook.

Monday, February 1
Guy Update Update

The second Beauty Hunters LP, Animal Magmatism will be available for purchase when it's released - February 15 (no pre-orders). You can get yours at on that date. 250 copies, first 50 with a blotter art version of the sleeve image.

Monday, January 25
Guy Updates

Guy has a lot of side project activity, so let's just quote him in full:
Well the New year is well and truly underway, and with it come new music!

I'm happy to announce that after 10 years in the can the Bricklane album Sleepers, Ballast and the Permanent Way is now released. This was a band that was active in the second half of the oughts. Kelly Berry and I hatched the idea after many hours on the road with Mudhoney, and we were rounded out by the mighty talents of Matt Nims and Don Blair. There's bio info about the band on the Bandcamp page and the Facebook page.

Band Camp runs a great program to help their musicians called Bandcamp Fridays, find out more here

There are so many great bands and musicians out there on Bandcamp, please consider supporting independent music (and Bricklane) through this business!

But wait, more music news! Stay tuned to this space for an upcoming Beauty Hunters Youtube TV show, due out on Valentine's day 2021

Our new album Animal Magmatism will be released mid-February on English psych label extraordinaire Weird Beard Records.

I'm also hoping to post some more Plant tracks to the Band camp page, so be prepared for an onslaught of promotions in the coming weeks. We May not have any live music these days (well Aussie and NZ friends might?), so please consider supporting your musical community, where ever that may be, through these online resources.

Wishing you all a safe and well new year and remember, Rock On anyway you know how!

Wednesday, January 20
Green River Tourbook

Added two more acts to the bill for 11/??/85 Green River, Hoboken NJ in the Tourbook. (Thanks to John K.)

Thursday, January 7
Moneywrench Reissue

The Monkeywrench have reissued Electric Children on vinyl, via Bang! Records ( You can no doubt get your copy at finer music retailers. This happened last year but slipped under the radar. (Thanks to Dean B.)

Friday, January 1
Happy Birthday, Mudhoney!

33 years in!

Mudhoney had some plans for 2020, and then covid came. They got one show in, and cancelled tours of the Western U.S. and Canada, and Europe. Hopefully those can go on in 2021.

They did manage some releases, both for Mudhoney and for side projects. You can see those by perusing through the prior year's updates.

Today also marks the 23rd anniversary of this website. That's a long time! Thanks to everyone who wrote in to contribute information to this site over the past year (and the previous 21). It's always appreciated, and you can do it at

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