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Wednesday, February 13
New Shows

Added a bunch of new Mudhoney showws - two in the Northwest in June, and then an East Coast/Midwest run in October - and a Tripwires gig to the Tour page.

Sunday, February 10
Show Recaps

Added recaps for San Francisco and San Jose to the Tourbook.

Monday, January 21
New Shows

Added Walla Walla, Spokane, Green Bay, Minneapolis, and Chicago to the Tour page.

Show Recaps
Added recaps for Pioneertown and Los Angeles to the Tourbook. (Thanks to Christopher W. for Pioneertown)

Tuesday, January 1
Happy Birthday, Mudhoney!

31 years in!

After a quiet 2017 (well, they wrote and recorded an album), Mudhoney did a lot this past year! They released a lot of records!: Digital Garbage, the LiE live record, the split single with Hot Snakes, the 'Vortex of Lies'/'Ensam I Natt' European tour single, the Green River Come on Down reissue, and the Green River Christmas Single with the U-Men. They played some shows!: a handful in the US and Canada and then a full European tour. They had various side gigs!: Mark and Steve with Pearl Jam; Dan with the Tripwires; Mark with two different Stooges tribute groups, and the MC50.

They've already got things lined up for 2019. They'll be playing shows here and there around the US until they've got time for a full tour. Sub Pop is releasing deluxe editions of Green River's Dry as a Bone and Rehab Doll later this month. They may release an EP of songs they recorded during the Digital Garbage sessions this year.

Today also marks the 21st anniversary of this website. That's a long time! Thanks to everyone who wrote in to contribute information to this site over the past year (and the past 20 years). It's always appreciated, and you can do it at

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