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Sunday, November 18
Vevey Recap

Added the setlist for last night in Vevey to the Tourbook.

Friday, November 16
New Shows

Mudhoney is playing San Diego and Austin in March, on the Tour page.

Lucerne Recap
Added the setlist for tonight in Lucerne to the Tourbook.

Koln Recap
Added the setlist for last night in Koln to the Tourbook.

Wednesday, November 14
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Houston in March, on the Tour page.

Hamburg Recap
Added the setlist for tonight in Hamburg to the Tourbook.

Berlin Recap
Added the setlist for last night in Berlin to the Tourbook.

Tuesday, November 13
New Shows

Mudhoney is playing San Francisco and San Jose in February, on the Tour page.

Groningen Recap
Added more notes for last night in Groningen to the Tourbook. (Thanks to Bettina!)

Monday, November 12
Tour Single

As is their style on recent European tours, Mudhoney have a special tour single this go round. It's a 45 of 'Vortex of Lies' and a cover of Leather Nun's 'Ensam i Natt' (Swedish for 'Alone Tonight'). The single is limited to 500 copies, and they recorded both songs during the Digital Garbage sessions.

Groningen Recap
Added the setlist and notes for tonight in Groningen to the Tourbook.

Utrecht Recap
Added the setlist and notes for last night in Utrecht to the Tourbook.

Thursday, November 8
Green River Reissues

Sub Pop is releasing deluxe editions of Green River's Dry as a Bone and Rehab Doll records, including limited edition Loser Edition colored vinyl (green, and a different shade of green, of course). More information at These are thorough, and include just about everything recorded from the era. Missing is the alternate mix of 'Ain't Nothing to Do' from the Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll compilation, and 'Away in a Manger' from the Another Phyrric Victory compilation (which itself is being released by Sub pop on a 45 for Record Store Day).

Monday, November 5
Tourbook Updates

Added or updated the following shows in the Tourbook:

Thursday, November 1
Dan with the Minus 5

Here's the setlist and notes for Dan's gig with the Minus 5 last night:

10/31/18 The Sunset Tavern. Seattle, WA (45 min)
Attendance: 150
Supporting: The Sadies
..., Lookin' for a Love, Albuquerque, Barstool Blues, Revolution Blues, Powderfinger, Prisoners of Rock 'n' Roll, Don't be Denied (set incomplete)
Notes: It's a double-dress up for Halloween. First, three members of the Tripwires - Dan, John Ramberg, and Jim Sangster - join Scott McCaughey to be The Minus 5 for the night. Second, the Minus 5 play a set of all Neil Young covers. Dan has previously played with Scott in another one-act cover band - The New Original Sonics Sound, which played all Sonics songs. (well, and the songs The Sonics covered). Dan said that, in getting ready for the show on his own, he had to get accustomed to how slow the songs were. Then, they played through the songs together, and Scott told him he was still playing too fast!

Single Available
Sub Pop has copies of the 'One Bad Actor' single available online through the Sub Pop Mega Mart. Previously, the single was available only at Sub Pop's 30th anniversary festival in Seattle in August. These are a few of the 1,000 copies that weren't sold that day. (Thanks to Jim H.)

Mark and Steve have an interview with Premier Guitar, focused on gear and recording.

Monday, October 29
Tourbook Update

Added notes for 9/28/18 Portland to the Tourbook.

Wednesday, October 17
Mark with The MC50 Recap

Here's how it went down at the MC50 show last night:

10/16/18 The Showbox. Seattle, WA (5 min)
Attendance: 900
Set: Future/Now
Notes: Mark comes out to sing the MC5's 'Future/Now' with the MC50. The MC50 are a band playing MC5 songs, consisting of Wayne Kramer (The MC5; guitar and vocals), Kim Thayil (Soundgarden; guitar), Matt Cameron (Soundgarden; drums), Brendan Canty (Fugazi; also drums), Billy Gould (Faith No More; bass), and Marcus Durant (Zen Guerilla; vocals). Mark previously played many shows with a different MC5 incarnation - DKT/MC5 - throughout 2004-2006.

Sunday, October 14
New York Recap

Added the setlist for last night in New York City to the Tourbook.

Friday, October 12
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Los Angeles in January, on the Tour page.

Wednesday, October 10
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Pioneertown, CA in January, on the Tour page.

New Record
Sub Pop is releasing a Green River/U-Men split 45 for Record Store Day on Nov 23. It's Christmas-themed, and Green River's contribution is 'Away in a Manger,' previously released on the Another Pyrhhic Victory compilation from decades ago. It's limited to 2,000 copies, and pressed on red/green vinyl.

Sunday, September 30
Seattle Recap

Added the setlist for last night in Seattle to the Tourbook.

Saturday, September 29
Portland Recap

Added the setlist for last night in Portland to the Tourbook.

Friday, September 28
Digital Garbage is Released Today!

LP! CD! Cassette! Digital! Get yours!

And here's what the band is up to for the new future:

  • They recorded seven other songs, including 'One Bad Actor' (released on the SPF30 split single with Hot Snakes) and a Leather Nun cover. Look for all of them to be released at some point, perhapas on a 12" EP
  • They're playing three American shows - Portland, Seattle, and New York City
  • They've got three weeks in Europe starting in November
  • Then they'll do some weekend fly-in gigs for a while around the US
  • Eventually they'll do another three week tour next year

Sunday, September 16
Vancouver Recap

Added the setlist and notes for 9/15/18 to the Tourbook.

Tuesday, August 28
Tourbook Updates

Added the setlist for 6/1/08 Newport to the Tourbook. (Thanks to Justin L.)

Saturday, August 18
Happy Birthday, Dan!

Friday, August 17
Tourbook Updates

Added the setlist for 5/31/08 Lexington, the soundcheck for 6/1/08 Newport, and updated the soundcheck for 8/11/18 Seattle to and in the Tourbook. (Thanks to Justin L.)

Thursday, August 16
Happy Birthday, Matt!

Sunday, August 12
Show Recap

Added the setlist and notes for last night to the Tourbook.

Saturday, August 11
Show Recap

Here's how it went down:

8/10/18 Safeco Field. Seattle, WA (10 min)
Attendance: 47,000
Pearl Jam's Set: ... Search and Destroy (Mark, Steve, and Kim Thayil with Pearl Jam), Sonic Reducer (Mark, Steve, and Kim Thayil with Pearl Jam), ...
Notes: Pearl Jam plays a show at Safeco Field. Early in the show, Eddie Vedder is talking about Matt Cameron being a good drummer and says, "There's lots of good drummers in Seattle, like Danny Peters!" Later, Pearl Jam brings Mark and Steve out during the second encore. Eddie Vedder first introduces Steve, only Mark starts coming out, and Eddie goes, "No, not you yet," so Mark comically tiptoes back off stage. So, Steve enters stage right, with a sweet vintage black Les Paul with a Bigsby (Steve: "It's Jeff Ament's guitar. He said it's like Neil Young's guitar, and I went, 'Yes, I'll use THAT one.'"). Then, Eddie introduces Mark, saying his own little brother prefers Mark as a singer over Eddie. Mark enters stage left, and comments, "..., well, this is awkward." They play both Iggy and the Stooges' 'Search and Destroy,' and The Dead Boys' 'Sonic Reducer.' They played both those songs with Pearl Jam when the two bands toured together in 2011. So, this is the third group Mark has played with in the last three months that's covered the Stooges. You need a scorecard to keep track. And if you're keeping track, somehow after 30 years, this is the third consecutive Seattle stage the Mudhoney guys are only playing for the first time - all this week (KING5 studios, Safeco Field, a temporary stage on Alki Beach). And if you want to dive into minutae (you are of a Mudhoney website, after all), you could call it four, since the outdoor Georgetown Carnival stage last year was in a different spot than the Sub Pop 25th anniversary festival stage from 2013 (though maybe a block away).

New Guest Appearance Record
Speaking of playing with Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam is releasing Live at The Orpheum Theatre on LP. The record is of Pearl Jam's 4/12/94 performance, where Mark joined them for 'Sonic Reducer.' It's released exclusively through Newbury Comics, with 100 copies of the run (of ~6,000) on red and blue vinyl. Previously, Pearl Jam had released this record as part of the Vs. and Vitalogy box set.

Thursday, August 9
TV Performance Recap

Added the setlist and notes for Mudhoney's appearance on TV today to the Tourbook.

Wednesday, August 8
TV Performance

Mudhoney is playing on the KING 5 (Seattle) TV show New Day Northwest tomorrow. The show tapes and airs live at 11am.

Thursday, July 26
New Single!

Mudhoney is releasing its new single, 'One Bad Actor,' on August 11 via Sub Pop, in conjunction with Sub Pop's SPF30 festival. It's a 7" vinyl single, and a split with Hot Snakes, on colored vinyl, and limited to 1,000 copies. It's part of a series of four singles (Mudhoney only appears on this one), which, when banded together, form a larger image from their inside covers. 'One Bad Actor' will not appear on their new album, Digital Garbage - just here on this single.

Saturday, July 21
Ron Asheton Show Recap

Here's the setlist and notes for Mark's performance at the Ron Asheton show earlier this week:

7/17/18 The Blind Pig. Ann Arbor, MI
Attendance: 400
Set: Real Cool Time, 1969, Down on the Street, Little Doll, Not Right, T.V. Eye, 1970, Loose, Fun House, L.A. Blues (w/Kim Gordon, Jennifer Herrema)
Encore: Dirt, No Fun, I Wanna Be Your Dog (w/We Will Fall) (w/Kim Gordon)
Notes: Mark plays a set of Stooges covers to celebrate what would have been Ron Asheton of the Stooges' 70th birthday. This isn't Mark's "Raw Power" Stooges cover band with Mike McCready, Duff McKagaan, and Barrett Martin - this is another Stooges cover band, billed as The Shemps (one of the Three Stooges being Shemp Howard). The location is the Stooges' hometown of Ann Arbor, and the show is a benefit for a charity in Ron's name. The rest of the band is Don Fleming (Gumball, guitar), Mike Watt (The Minutemen, bass), J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr., guitar), Mario Rubalcaba (Rocket from the Crypt, drums), Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, vocals), and Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux, vocals). Mark had previously played with Ron, Don, and Mike in the side project The Wylde Ratttz, which ALSO played Stooges songs. Various people sing on various songs. The songs Mark sings on are bolded above. For 'I Wanna Be Your Dog,' Kim starts out singing, then Mark comes on stage and joins in on the second chorus. She sees him and they dance together a bit. He leaves her the entire third verse, and then sings on the repeated chorus until the end. They break the song down and get quiet, and while they do that, Mark starts singing the backing part of 'We Will Fall:' "Oh, ji, ram, ja / Ram, ja, ja, ram."

Tuesday, July 10
New Album!

Mudhoney is releasing its new album, Digital Garbage on September 28 via Sub Pop. You can pre-order the record from, as well as listen to the song 'Paranoid Core' there. More information shortly.

Thursday, July 5
Mudhoney Video Shoot

There's a video shoot for a new Mudhoney music video this weekend in Seattle, and the director is looking for extras:

Extras for Mudhoney Music Video: Looking for folks who may already have in their closets plain colored fabrics, sheets, muumuus, robes, sandals or other garments that could work for a Jesus Christ-era themed music video as well as any brown leather/suede garments that someone might wear to Burning Man or Coachella. Think Jesus Christ Superstar goes to Burning Man. Also looking for a couple athletic folks who may have crossfit attire. We will have a Wardrobe Department on set to help stylize and accessorize your look. If you do not own any of the above mentioned you are still welcome to come out and we will find something for you just please RSVP with a photo of what you have and that you will be able to commit to an all day shoot on Saturday, July 7th, call time is 10am and we will wrap at 4pm. If you need to leave earlier or can't come until later just let us know and we'll see if we can get you in a scene. RSVP to Thank you!

Thursday, June 28
Live Stream

Mudhoney's set this weekend at the Burger Boogaloo in Oakland, CA is being live streamed at Mudhoney plays at 5pm PT on Saturday, June 30.

Green River Releases
Both the reissue of Come on Down and 1984 Demos will be available via iTunes tomorrow. Pre-orders are available now. (Thanks to Jimmy H.)

Monday, June 11
New Mark Show

Mark is playing a show to celebrate what would've been Ron Asheton's (The Stooges) 70th birthday, on July 17 at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI. Also performing are Kim Gordon, J Mascis, Mike Watt, Don Fleming, Mario Rubalcaba, and Jennifer Herrema.

Wednesday, May 30
Green River Reissue

Jackpot Records is reissuing Green River's Come on Down EP on vinyl on June 29. It's available on limited-edition pink vinyl, and includes a bonus track (a demo of 'Your Own Best Friend'). It can be pre-ordered from Jackpot Records.

Tuesday, May 29
New Shows

Mudhoney will play Sub Pop's anniversary party in Seattle this summer, as well as have a free panel discussion, on the Tour page.

Thursday, May 24
Mark Interview

Mark has an interview with the Burger Boogaloo festival.

Green River Reissues
And from that interview, Mark says that Green River is reissuing all of its records. Jackpot Records will reissue the out-of-print Come on Down and Sub Pop will reissue Dry as a Bone/Rehab Doll (the combination release of their two Sub Pop EPs). For the latter, Jack Endino got the original tapes, and is remixing everything. Release dates are TBA.

Sunday, May 13
Show Recaps

Added the setlist and notes for both Toronto shows yesterday to the Tourbook. (Thanks to Jimmy H.)

Thursday, May 10
Raw Power Show Recap

5/10/18 "Musicares Concert for Recovery". The Showbox. Seattle, WA (10 min)
Attendance: 800
Supporting: (Various Mike McCready pickup bands)
Set: Search and Destroy (w/Danny Newcomb), T.V. Eye
Notes: The Raw Power band - Mark, Mike McCready, Duff McKagan, and Barrett Martin playing Stooges songs - opens a show honoring Mike McCready and benefitting Musicares, which aids musicians in need. Danny Newcomb (Mike's bandmate in his first band, Shadow) joins on guitar for 'Search and Destroy.' They play 'Search and Destroy' for the first time - aka they didn't play it at their one other gig to date. After that song ends, Mike tries to introduce the other guys, but his introduction of Mark is interrupted by Mark starting up 'T.V. Eye' with, "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD!!!!"

Wednesday, May 9
New Shows

Added a few new American shows, and a November tour of Europe, to the Tour page.

Sunday, May 6
New Shows

Mudhoney is playing a second Toronto show next weekend, and Paris in November, on the Tour page.

Friday, April 27
Side Gig

Mark is playing the Musicares Concert for Recovery on May 10 at the Showbox in Seattle. The event honors Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, and is a benefit for Musicares, which provides assistance to musicians in need. Since it's a benefit, tickets are not inexpensive, and you can get yours at

Friday, April 20
Tourbook Update

Corrected the opener for 4/1/93 Nashville. (Thanks to Rich V.)

Tuesday, April 17
Side Project Gig

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle (well, Tukwila) this weekend, on the Tour page.

Wedneesday, April 11
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Toronto next month, on the Tour page.

Tuesday, April 10
Side Project Gig

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle next month, on the Tour page.

Friday, April 6
Steve DJ Set

As part of Record Store Day on April 21, Steve (aka DJ Dollar Bin) will by DJ'ing at the Jackpot Records on Hawthorne St in Portland, OR from 10am to noon.

Saturday, March 31
Happy Birthday, Guy!

Wednesday, March 28
Happy Birthday, Steve!

Wednesday, March 14
Mudhoney Goodies

Mudhoney has recorded at Crackle & Pop! studio in Seattle, including recording its new record there. Crackle & Pop! is having a Kickstarter to raise money for a studio expansion. If you donate, you can get things like Mark recording your voicemail message, and a test pressing of the new Mudhoney record before the record is available.

Monday, March 5
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Oakland this summer, on the Tour page.

Wednesday, February 21
Happy Birthday, Mark!

Tuesday, February 20
New Side Project Show

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle next month, on the Tour page.

Wednesday, February 7
New Show

Mudhoney is playing Vancouver in September, on the Tour page.

Friday, January 19
LiE is Released!

Mudhoney's live album, LiE is out now! You can get yours from

Friday, January 12

Sup Pop is having a free 30th anniversary festival at Alki Beach in Seattle on August 11. No acts are announced, but Mudhoney is on Sub Pop. And played the 20th anniversary festival. And played the 25th anniversary festival. And is releasing two albums on Sub Pop this year (the live LiE on 1/19 and a studio album TBD).

Guy is participating in the Seattle Rock Lottery at the Crocodile in Seattle tomorrow. Teams of musicians are drawn during the day, and each team is tasked with writing songs that they then perform at the show that evening.

Tuesday, January 9
Side Project Gig

Dan's Tripwires are playing Seattle next month, on the Tour page.

Sunday, January 7
Tourbook Updates

Updated the following entries in the Tourbook:

Monday, January 1
Happy Birthday, Mudhoney!

30 years in!

In 2017, Mudhoney focused on writng and recording a new record, so played just two shows. They're on track to play at least three shows this year, including a festival in Seattle. They've also got two records forthcoming, Live in Europe/LiE out on January 19 via Sub Pop, and a studio album.

2017 also saw Mudhoney playing a few side project shows, and releasing a few songs here and there. You can read all about that in the 2017 updates for this site.

Today also marks the 20th anniversary of this website. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to contribute information to this site over the past year (and the past 20 years). It's always appreciated, and you can do it at

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