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This page contains all known confirmed shows for Mudhoney and related bands. A listing of previous dates can be found in the Tourbook.

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Notes: Mudhoney should do a European tour around September, and that should be it for 2024 aside from maybe a couple one-off dates.

7/19/24 "Rock the Boat". Boxcar Park. Everett, WA
Supported By: Sweet Water, Van EPS, Cloud Cover
Tickets: eventbrite.com

8/30/24 Club Manufaktur e. V., Schorndorf, Germany

8/31/24 Paard. The Hague, The Netherlands

9/5/24 16 Toneladas. Valencia, Spain

9/7/24 (TBA). Galicia, Spain

9/8/24 Jaguar (Lula Club). Madrid, Spain

9/9/24 Sala Razzmatazz 2. Barcelona, Spain

9/20/24 Klub Proxima. Warsaw, Poland

9/22/24 Muffatwerk. Munich, Germany

9/23/24 SO 36. Berlin, Germany

9/25/24 Knust. Hamburg, Germany

9/26/24 Gebäude 9. Cologne, Germany

10/4/24 Le Botanique. Brussels, Belgium

10/5/24 "Come as You Are". De Effenaar. Eindhoven. The Netherlands
Supported By: Buffalo Tom, Personal Trainer, Alien Chick
Notes: This is a 12-act festival, spread across the venue's stages.

10/6/24 Vera. Groningen, The Netherlands

The Tripwires

Dan plays drums in The Tripwires.

3/1/24 The Conor Byrne. Seattle, WA
Supported By: Swedish Finnish, Patrons of Husbandry

5/24/24 The Tractor Tavern. Seattle, WA
Supporting: The Young Fresh Fellows