quan m. nguyen


I'm an Nth-year (N≈4.5) graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and I'm advised by Professor Srini Devadas. Before that, I attended the University of California, Berkeley, where I worked in the ASPIRE Lab (formerly the ParLab). And before that, I attended Troy High School in Fullerton, California.

As an engineer in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, I love to tinker, "hack", examine, disassemble, re-assemble, and otherwise understand any bit of hardware or software I can get my hands on. Not surprisingly, I have quite a fondness for computer architecture. I've tussled with Verilog, pushed chips through the IC design process, nearly burned myself touching FPGA heatsinks, and ported the Linux kernel to the new RISC-V architecture.

When I'm not pursuing my academic interests, I write, draw, collect public transportation system maps, think about cool things to build, and figure out how to install a model train set in my office. I also participate in puzzle hunts, and my amateur radio callsign is KJ6QBJ.


To contact me, join my initials (qmn) and mit.edu with the @ sign.

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