quan m. nguyen


I'm an Nth-year (N≈5.5) PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and I'm advised by Professor Daniel Sanchez. I received my Master's degree at MIT and my Bachelor's degree at the University of California, Berkeley. I attended Troy High School in Fullerton, California.

The best part of being a computer architect is being able to work the entire hardware-software stack, from transistors to assembly language, to eke out that last drop of performance. I've tussled with indecipherable auto-generated Verilog, optimized out my clock signals with synthesis tools, nearly burned myself touching FPGA heatsinks, and ported the Linux kernel to RISC-V.

You can see what else is cooking (sometimes literally) on my blog. In what time remains I develop a place-and-route tool for Minecraft circuits, maintain (and ride) vintage Schwinn bicycles, and dance the Lindy Hop.


To contact me, join my initials (qmn) and mit.edu with the @ sign.

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