About Me

Hello! I’m a junior in UC Berkeley, currently majoring in Legal Studies and Computer Science.

I can speak Chinese (Mandarin and Qingdaoese), English, and a little bit of Spanish, most of my Spanish skill is returned to my teacher.

Carried by my team, I participated in 2020 ICPC PacNW in Berkeley Radicals.

I’m an active CS:GO, F1 2021, Assetto Corsa and Kantai Collection player.

Below is written back in Fall 2019 and is obsolete as of 2022…

Hello! I am a freshman currently persuing undergraduate degree in UC Berkeley. I like EE and CS a lot, but for multiple reasons, I do not have a intended major now.

I can speak Chinese (Mandarin and Qingdaoese), English, and a little bit of Spanish. I am currently doing l10n work for several projects, including Privacy Badger, which is maintained by EFF.

Although my OI (olympiads in informatics) career is not very successful, I am maintaining several projects, mostly in Python3 and C, on my GitHub repo. I can use python, C, Pascal.

I am a National Class II soccer referee registered in Chinese Football Association, a HAM (Ameteur Radio Operator), learned some archery, played midfield in soccer and free safety in football.

Driving is one of few skills that I have which I can be a little proud of. I have driven on China National Highway 318 (two-lane two-way with altitude 2800m+) with an experienced driver from Qamdo to Lhasa in Tibet Autonomous Region of People’s Republic of China. I am trying to get a California Class A CDL with HazMat endorsement.

I am a teitoku in Hashirajima Server. The flagship of my fleet is Fubuki - my avatar!