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UC Berkeley Latinx/Xicanx students established the RAZA Recruitment and Retention Center to increase the number of Latinx/Xicanx students in institutions of higher education and provide academic and social support networks in order to encourage academic achievement among students.

Since its establishment in 1976, in conjunction with the efforts and dedication of student volunteers and interns, the RAZA Recruitment and Retention Center continues its mission of proactively increasing the status of the Raza community professionally, socially and politically, both on and off campus.

The RRRC’s goal is to increase the enrollment of Latinx/Xicanx high school students in institutions of higher education by sending UCB students on recruitment trips and outreaches to high schools, middle schools and community colleges. The Center also helps improve the retention rate of Latinx/Xicanx through various programs and events throughout the academic year.

About Bridges

The Bridges Multicultural Resource Center was created in October 1996 as a response to Proposition 209 which prohibited public higher education institutions from considering ethnicity, race or sex as part of the admissions process. It also eliminated many public university outreach and retention programs designed to assist students of color in navigating higher education. bridges was created in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the California initiative by providing the five Recruitment & Retention Centers (RRCs) that predate bridges [Black Recruitment & Retention Center (BRRC), Native American Recruitment & Retention Center (NARRC), Pilipin@ Academic Student Services (PASS), Raza Latin@/Chican@ Recruitment & Retention Center (RRRC), and Asian Pacific Islander Recruitment & Retention Center (REACH!)] an opportunity to continue their recruitment and retention programs. Since then, two new recruitment and retention centers have become a part of bridges [Arab Recruitment & Retention Center (ARRC) and Mixed Student Union (MSU)]. While students may identify with one particular RRC, bridges seeks to instill a strong sense of identity as a student of color, thus actively working to build cross-cultural community solidarity through programs.