Richard Lawrence

Curriculum Vitae

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Education and Research Experience

University of California, Berkeley

  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, August 2017.

    Dissertation: Nominalization, Specification, and Investigation

    Frege famously held that numbers play the role of objects in our language and thought, and that this role is on display when we use sentences like “The number of Jupiter’s moons is four”. I argue that this role is an example of a general pattern that also encompasses persons, times, locations, reasons, causes, and ways of appearing or acting. These things are ‘objects’ simply in the sense that they are answers to questions: they are the sort of thing we search for and specify during investigation or inquiry. I support this epistemological conception of objects by studying specificational sentences, a class of sentences which includes Frege’s original example. I defend an analysis of such sentences as question-answer pairs, and show how to formally represent this analysis using game-theoretical semantics.

    Committee: Professors John MacFarlane and Paolo Mancosu (co-chairs, Philosophy), Hannah Ginsborg (third member, Philosophy) and Line Mikkelsen (outside member, Linguistics)

University of Pennsylvania

  • Research Coordinator, Computational Memory Lab (PI: Michael Kahana), 2008–2009.
  • B.A. summa cum laude in Philosophy with Honors, minor in Mathematics, May 2007.

Research Areas

Philosophy of Language and Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics
Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, Mathematical Logic

Publications and works in progress

  • Review: K. Felka, Talking about Numbers: Easy Arguments for Mathematical Realism. History and Philosophy of Logic 38.4 (2017).
  • ‘Who are the persons, and how many are the numbers?’. Under review.
  • ‘What is an investigation?’. In preparation.
  • ‘Specification and investigation’. In preparation.

Presentations (invited and refereed)

Some puzzles about the indefinite article

  • April 19, 2017. Society for Linguistics Undergraduate Students, University of California, Berkeley.

Who are the persons, and how many are the numbers?

Concepts and objects in game-theoretical semantics

  • August 5, 2016. Logic Colloquium 2016, Association for Symbolic Logic European Summer Meeting, University of Leeds.

Comments on Eric Snyder, Frege’s Larger Other Puzzle

  • April 1, 2016. Semantics Colloquium, Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association.

Three analyses of specificational sentences

Professional Service

  • Contributor, forall \(x\) Calgary Remix: An Introduction to Formal Logic, an open access textbook from the Open Logic Project
  • Article Referee, Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Member, Berkeley-Stanford Circle in Logic and Philosophy, Fall 2014–present
  • Organizer, Berkeley Philosophy Department work-in-progress lunches, Spring 2015
  • Reviewer, Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Conference, various occasions, Spring 2010–present

Fellowships, Awards and Honors (competitive)

University of California, Berkeley

  • Berkeley Connect Mentoring Fellowship (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (Spring 2014)

University of Pennsylvania

  • President’s Award for Undergraduate Research (May 2007)
  • Elizabeth F. Flower Undergraduate Essay Prize in Philosophy (April 2006 and April 2007)
  • Second place paper, Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium Undergraduate Conference (February 2005)

Courses Taught

As primary instructor

Ancient Philosophy Summer 2014  
  Summer 2015  
Introduction to Logic Summer 2017  

As graduate student instructor

Ancient Philosophy Summer 2012 Vanessa de Harven
  Fall 2012 Klaus Corcilius
  Fall 2013 Timothy Clarke
  Fall 2016 Timothy Clarke
Aristotle1 Fall 2014 Klaus Corcilius
Introduction to Logic Summer 2010 Branden Fitelson
  Fall 2010 Sherri Roush
  Fall 2011 Sherri Roush
  Spring 2012 Daniel Warren
Intermediate Logic1 (as grader) Spring 2012 Paolo Mancosu
Philosophy of Mathematics1 Spring 2013 Paolo Mancosu
  Fall 2015 Paolo Mancosu
Philosophy of Language1 Spring 2016 John Perry
  Spring 2017 Seth Yalcin
Philosophical Methods1 Spring 2011 Seth Yalcin


  • English (native speaker)
  • German (reading and basic conversational knowledge)


  • United States citizen

Graduate Education

Courses Attended and Audited

Logicism and Neologicism2 Spring 2017 Paolo Mancosu
Intuitionistic Logic and Meaning2 Fall 2016 Wesley Holliday
Aristotle’s Metaphysics Gamma2 Fall 2016 Timothy Clarke
Intermediate Logic (model theory) Spring 2016 Paolo Mancosu
Proof Theory2 Fall 2015 Paolo Mancosu
Logical Semantics (Linguistics) Fall 2014 Line Mikkelsen
Dissertation seminar2 2013–2014 Barry Stroud
Problems with Authority2 Fall 2013 Veronique Munoz-Dardé
Dissertation seminar2 2012–2013 Sherri Roush
Plato’s Sophist2 Fall 2012 Timothy Clarke
Intermediate Logic (Gödel’s theorems) Spring 2012 Paolo Mancosu
Expressivism and Relativism2 Spring 2011 John MacFarlane
Philosophical Logic Spring 2011 John MacFarlane
Perspective in Language2 Fall 2010 Seth Yalcin
Hegel’s Philosophy of Right2 Fall 2010 Hans Sluga
Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics2 Fall 2010 Dorothea Frede
Plato’s Republic Fall 2010 Jessica Gelber
Practical Knowledge2 Spring 2010 Jay Wallace
Recent Topics in Epistemology2 Spring 2010 Branden Fitelson
Decision Theory2 Spring 2010 Lara Buchak
Hume Spring 2010 Barry Stroud
Philosophy of Mathematics Spring 2010 Paolo Mancosu
Proof Theory2 Fall 2009 Paolo Mancosu
Conceptual Representation2 Fall 2009 Hannah Ginsborg, Tania Lombrozo
First-year graduate seminar2 Fall 2009 John Macfarlane, Niko Kolodny

Pedagogy Courses

GSI Teaching Seminar2 Fall 2010 Hans Sluga

Qualifying Examination Topics

Biological Functions Fall 2011 Hannah Ginsborg
Inferentialism Fall 2011 John MacFarlane
Predicates and Predication Fall 2011 Hans Sluga


Klaus Corcilius Hannah Ginsborg
klaus.corcilius at ginsborg at berkeley dot edu
+49-7071/29-74345 +1 510-664-9077
Universität Tübingen Department of Philosophy
Philosophisches Seminar 314 Moses Hall
Bursagasse 1 University of California, Berkeley
D - 72070 Tübingen Berkeley, CA 94720-2390
Germany USA
John MacFarlane Paolo Mancosu
jgm at berkeley dot edu mancosu at socrates dot berkeley dot edu
+1 510-328-3546 +1 510-296-4325
Department of Philosophy Department of Philosophy
314 Moses Hall 314 Moses Hall
University of California, Berkeley University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-2390 Berkeley, CA 94720-2390
Line Mikkelsen  
mikkelsen at berkeley dot edu  
+1 510-643-7620  
Department of Linguistics  
1203 Dwinelle Hall  
University of California, Berkeley  
Berkeley, CA 94720-2650  



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