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Constitution: Our club's constitution in Word document format.

How to Submit Comics

Specifications for Issue Submissions:
The printed page will have to be within 7.5 inches wide and 10 inches tall, because that's about the size of our printable area. E-mail your comic at print resolution (300 dpi) in TIF (preferred), JPG, or GIF format to and then send a second email (without the attachments) to and so we can go log in and DL the file. Please make sure you note that it's for Bezerk, and make the file names like this:
Full Name - comic title - chapter - number.tif OR Full Name - comic title - title of strip.tif
So for example: Adora Lo - Comic Like Hell - Chapter 1 - 001.tif
OR: Adora Lo - Comic Like Hell - Where's the plot.tif
Please please PLEASE have your files named like this; it'll make things easier on us.

Contact these people for more information:
Editor in Chief: Alfred Twu at
Publication Editor & Webmaster: Adora Lo at