Fat Toad Fan Club

"Next to Chad Ogea, Hideki Irabu is a God among men"-- Steven Hough, 1999

Team History
The Fat Toad Fan Club was founded by Steven Hough in 1998 as the Montreal Pythons. After a disappointing finish (7th place?) in their inaugral season, the Pythons relocated to New England and became the Quakers. In 1999, the New England Quakers were in first place for most of the season before injuries caused them to falter and finish in third place. 2000 has seen another indentity change for this young franchise, as the team is now officially known as the Fat Toad Fan Club in honor of 1999 draft pick and hero Hideki Irabu, the "fat... toad." The Fat Toad Fan Club franchise has played in the Davis League throughout its existence.

2000 Fat Toad Fan Club * 1999 New England Quakers * 1998 Montreal Pythons

Hideki Irabu of the Fat Toad Fan Club Hideki Irabu of the Quakers
Hideki Irabu - 2000 Hideki Irabu - 1999
Fat Toad Fan Club New England Quakers
1999 New England Quakers1998 Montreal Pythons
C Jason Kendall
1B Jeff Bagwell
2B Roberto Alomar2B Chuck Knoblauch
3B Scott Rolen3B Vinny Castilla
SS Barry Larkin
OF Shawn Green
OF Bobby Abreu
OF Tony Gwynn
SP John SmoltzSP John Smoltz
SP Tom Glavine
SP Al Leiter
SP Roger Clemens
SP Tim Hudson
SP Alex Fernandez
RP Roberto Hernandez
RP Trevor Hoffman

Davis Fantasy Baseball League
Since 1998
Davis Kaisers, Hermes Camacho*
San Francisco Sluggers, Sid Gospe, League Founder*
Fat Toad Fan Club, Steven Hough*
Georgia Peaches, Dale Kunce@
San Francisco Mad Dogs, Andrew Madsen@
Florida Woodlayers, Michael Costa#
Sac Town Bench Warmers, Adam Feeney#
*=Original Franchise, @=1999 Season Expansion Franchise, #=2000 Season Expansion Franchise

The Fat Toad Fan Club is owned and operated by Steven Hough. Mr. Hough is a veteran of both fantasy baseball, having placed in the top 200 and won a T-shirt in Heavy Hitters '99, and the internet, as webmaster of Steven's Web Page since 1996 and DSHS Music since 1999. Mr. Hough is a lifelong Phillies fan; his favorite baseball player is Charlie Hough.

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