(FYI: Aside from the list of sites below, I haven't updated this page in over 10 years.)

Walter Rader's web sites:

The Online Slang Dictionary
(American, English, and Urban Slang)
A dynamic dictionary of English slang. If a new word or phrase comes to your area, I invite you to add it to the list. (Check out the page for more details.)
StreetReviewer Cool sightings from Google Maps Street View.
Overheard in Sac Conversations overheard in Sacramento.
A shameless derivative of Overheard In New York,
from the other side of fly-over country.
Simple Pleasures Have you ever found money in a pair of jeans that you haven't worn in months? Is walking along the beach at sunset enough to make you happy? It's nice to take such enjoyment in the simple pleasures of life. The Simple Pleasures page lists over a hundred more.
WalterGR (a blog) My blog.
eXpression My art. Unfortunately, not much is online.

About me:

My name is Walter Rader.

You may know me from SummerScape or Drury Leadership Academy (DLA). If so, definitely e-mail me at waltergr@aol.com. I've lost contact with a lot of people that I would love to hear from.

Books I like:

Into: photography, fashion design, travel, astral projection, dreams, human languages, metaphysics, writing, self-actualization, psychology, business, computers, photography, raves, journalism, and music (especially electronic and trip-hop).

Walter Rader