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You have reached the home page of Yosen Lin. I guess this can technically be called version 2.0 of this site. Anyway, I will try to add and revise content on a more regular basis. Here are some notes about the different sections of this site:

Resume: Available as always.

Extras: Various random things I've written and worked on, from both past and present.

Photobook: Photographs from recent events.

Stream of life thoughts: A blogger by any other name.

Bulletin board: Interact with me and other site visitors.

Guest book: Leave your footprints in the sand of cyberspace.

Friends: Some of the characters I've encountered over the years.

Links: Other sites which may be of interest.

About: The man behind the mask.

Email: yosenl@ocf.berkeley.edu
ICQ: 16296774

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