Long overdue update

It’s taken me a while to circle back to this website, but I finally updated with some key publications that have come out in the past couple years (including my own dissertation 😅) !

At Google, a few of my teammates and I authored a blog about passkeys, culminating years of work toward improving the speed and security of online authentication.

From my time at Cal, I’ve had a book chapter and a journal article get published. The publications tab has all the details.

In my personal life, I’ve bought a home and adopted a dog, so great progress there too. All for now, happy 2024!

Blog published!

Honduras has a way of staying with me long after I’ve left.  After a few months of review, we’ve published one write-up of our data that focuses on the unique teacher training that happens for SAT tutors in rural communities.  You can check it out, along with many other exciting articles, in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

London’s Calling…

…and we must go! Erin and I are taking off this week to meet with the other grant recipients from the Economic and Social Research Council.  In addition to sharing about our work in Honduras, we’ll get to meet with other researchers to learn about their impacts, challenges, and future research goals. Perhaps we’ll leave with some new collaborators, and if my dreams come true, bellies full of fish and chips. Cheerio!