GardenSim: A NetLogo project connecting students to their gardens with computational modeling.

Interface of the second prototype of Garden Sim

An ongoing participatory design-based research project inviting adolescents to share in the construction of  a virtual platform to experiment with their ideas about garden ecology.

Try the simulation by clicking here for a version with one type of crop, or here for a version with two types (will open a NetLogo Web browser)

  • Conference presentation poster- International Society for Design and Development in Education (ISDEE, November 2017: Berkeley, CA)
  • Conference presentation poster – North American Association for Environmental Education (October 2016: Madison, WI)
  • Paper presentation- American Educational Research Association (AERA,  April 2018: New York, NY)

The SAT method: A case study of rural STEM education in Honduras, contextualized in agricultural projects.

As part of a longitudinal nation-wide project to detail the innovative education program, Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial (SAT), I spent four weeks in 2016 and two weeks in 2018 observing trainings, interviewing teachers, administrators and students, and visiting classroom sites in Honduras where STEM subjects are taught through authentically community-based units.  Ongoing analysis posits the economic development, familial involvement, and rich content of the projects as supportive elements to SAT’s accounted for increased math and language scores, when compared to the Honduran standard secondary education program (CEB).

  • Panel Presentation: Comparative and International Educatino Society (CIES, 2019: San Francisco, CA)
  • Invited Blog Post– Stanford Social Innovation Review, series on “Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s World” (March 2017)
  • Symposium Presentation: National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST, March 2018: Atlanta, GA)

Airomatic: A UX experience inviting citizens to contribute to air quality data.

A semester-long course project exhibiting the trademarks of User Interface design, addressing a challenge by the Environmental Protection Agency to increase community involvement through a mobile platform to contribute and analyze data.

  • Product Slide Deck– presented Fall 2016 to panel of Google professionals
  • Course Instructor Rob Youmans (UX Research Director, Youtube)