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~ Sigma ~



1. To enhance Chicana/Latina heritage within the sorority.

2. To be involved within campus and our communities.

3. To promote higher education in future generations.

4. To address academics, sisterhood, and personal and individual needs.

5. To create a sisterhood in which we can communicate and express ourselves with trust and security.

6. To form a sisterhood where we can receive support and a commitment that will last a lifetime.

7. To follow a code of conduct representative to us as a sorority and as Chicana/Latina women.


The letters we wear represent our sisterhood, our commitment to each other, and to our goals.

For ourselves we are a sisterhood of academic and personal support, trust, and understanding.

For our campus we sponsor informative and social activities. We support our fellow Raza organizations and network with other campus resources and groups.

For our community our priority is to promote higher education through mentoring, tutoring, scholarships and to overall support Chicana/Latina youth. However, we address other community issues as well.

We are also involved in political and social issues that directly affect our Latino community.


Founding Alpha

UC Berkeley, est. 1996


UC Riverside, est. 2001


UC Santa Cruz, est. 2002


San Francisco State, est. 2003


CSU San Bernardino, est. 2003


UC Davis, est. 2003


Sacramento State, est. 2004


Sonoma State, est. 2006


UC San Diego, est. 2007


CSU Los Angeles, est. 2008


Eternal Chapter, est. 2003




Sister of Sigma

A Sister in our beloved sorority is known as a Sigma or Ella . The Greek letters have been selected by our founding mothers to symbolize our Chicana/Latina heritage by spelling Ella, meaning she/her in the Spanish language.

A pledge of Sigma is also known as an Ella .





A misconception is defined as a false assumption or mistaken idea. The following misconceptions are only some of which we have encountered.

- Only Chicana/Latinas are allowed to join this Sisterhood.

Sigma Pi Alpha does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, sexual preference, age, disability nor do we discriminate against anyone infected with HIV/AIDS. We welcome anyone interested in Chicana/Latina issues.

- In order to be a sister, you have to do crazy and humiliating tasks.

Sigma Pi Alpha was founded on the premise of empowerment through knowledge. In no way does our pledge process involve assignments or tasks that involve degradation, hazing, or in other words, humiliation. We pride ourselves in being women of culture, strength, and sisterhood.

- It costs a lot of money to pledge for a sorority.

Sisters understand the financial needs that arise while in college. We do not charge hundreds of dollars to be able to pledge for us.

- I heard sorority girls rarely go to class and just like to party.

Success in academics is one of our highest priorities. Our mission is to develop women into future leaders and being attentive students is the first step. We highly encourage all sisters to regularly attend classes so that they may fully benefit from what higher education always has to offer.



Sigma...You Know!!!