If you weren't able to join us this year, we have suggestions for other STEM activities here.

Girl workshops

Our 2021 conference will be held virtually on Saturday, March 6. Click here to register for the girls' workshop.

2021 Workshops
A Pretty Penny: Oxidation Chemistry in Your Life
Have you ever wondered why the statue of liberty is green, or why metals rust? Oxidation chemistry is all around us! Not only does oxidation chemistry control reactions we see in our everyday life, but it also helps us understand fuel cells, which produce clean energy. Come learn more about oxidation chemistry through a fun workshop and an experiment you can try at home!

Worksheet: Pretty Penny Worksheet

Earthquake Engineering
Ever wonder what makes a structure resilient to earthquakes? What is the difference between different buildings and what makes a building stand? In the workshop you will get to design and build your own structures and then test them in an earthquake to see if they survive.

Worksheet: Earthquake Engineering Worksheet

Genes and Strawberries!
Have you ever wondered how cells in our body evolve to perform different functions? How the cells in our arms and legs differ from those in your brain or stomach? Different cell types express different genes! Join us to learn more about DNA (the material that makes up our genes) and learn how to extract it from an organism like scientists commonly do in the lab every day!

Worksheet: Genes and Strawberries

How Do Self-Driving Cars See?
Self-driving cars drive on their own! To do this they need to be able to see obstacles and road signs. How does a self-driving car see and understand the information around it in order to drive safely? In this workshop, we’ll learn how computers process visual information and make decisions with fun examples you can test out!

Worksheet: Self-Driving Cars Worksheet

Making the Band: How to Code Your Own Music
Ready to create some epic digital songwriting? Using a variety of web-based platforms, learn how to code melodies, beats, sound effects, and more to create your own original composition. All genres welcome. Let's make a band!

Worksheet: Code Your Own Music Worksheet

Microscopic & X-Ray Vision
These aren’t just science fiction super powers! Join us as we take a tour of the body in ways you’ve never seen it before: super up close and way deep inside. Together, we’ll learn the basics of how to read medical and dental x-rays, how different organs look under a microscope, the science of how they both work, and a little bit about the jobs of doctors and dentists.

Worksheet: Microscopic & X-Ray Vision Worksheet

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the most aggressive fish of them all!?
Come learn how biologists study animal behaviors to understand what they are thinking and feeling! In this workshop you will learn how to set up behavioral experiments, collect data on angry fish, and discover how behavior produces diversity in the natural world. Experience a day in the life of a biologist!

Worksheet: Mirror mirror Worksheet

Plant Party
Join us for flower fun! We’ll learn how plants transport water from their roots to their rest of the plant..

Worksheet: Plant Party Worksheet

Playing with Fire
Learn what being a wildland fire scientist is like! We’ll show you some of the extreme things fire can do. Learn answers to questions like: What makes wildfires burn? What can be done about them?

Worksheet: Playing with Fire Worksheet

Reactions in Action: Feeding Plants with Air!
How do chemical engineers use chemical reactions to make things people use every day? Find out by becoming a chemical engineer for the day, and design and simulate your own factory to turn air into fertilizer for plants. We’ll also learn what happens during chemical reactions using a dramatic demonstration!

Worksheet: Feeding Plants with Air Worksheet

Sherlock Bones
In this workshop you will become Sherlock Bones, Scientist and Engineer! We will learn about science and engineering, how bones are like candy, and even try to tie a bone into a knot. Screen reader support enabled.

Worksheet: Sherlock Bones Worksheet

Science of Slime
We all love to play with slime, but how do you make it? In this workshop you will become an engineer at a toy company! We will conduct a series of stretchiness and bounciness experiments to make the perfect slime. If you didn't receive the workshop materials here is what you will need to participate in this workshop:
  • 6 plastic cups
  • 0.5 oz baking soda
  • 1 oz contact solution
  • 6 popsicle sticks
  • 1/8 tsp measuring spoon
  • 4 oz school glue
  • 3 mL pipette
  • Ruler

Worksheet: Science of Slime Worksheet

Surviving the Wild
It’s a dangerous world out there! Learn how animals adapt to their environment by changing their bodies and behavior over time. Get a lesson in natural selection, and then test it out for yourself with an animal of your own creation! Can you survive the wild?

Worksheet: Surviving the Wild Worksheet

What Makes Us Different?
It is estimated that between 5.3 million and 1 trillion different species that live on Earth! Crazy, right?! How did there get to be so many different types of critters out there? While all of these species are made up of cells, the DNA in those cells help make each species unique and special. DNA isn’t visible to the human eye, so scientists need fancy microscopes to look at DNA of cells. Come learn how to extract the DNA of different fruits and vegetables in your own kitchen and how important DNA is to the species that live among us!

Worksheet: What Makes Us Different Worksheet