If you aren't able to join us this year, we have suggestions for other STEM activities here.

Girl workshops

Our 2020 conference was held on Saturday, March 7. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, workshop leaders, and most of all the parents and girls who attended! If you weren't able to attend this year's conference or are looking for other conferences like EYH at Berkeley, please check out other STEM opportunities in the Bay Area. Below is a list of workshops for the 2020 conference.

2020 Workshops
You are what you eat!
We’re off to the (fish) races! Come learn how behaviors impact the diet of fish that like to eat weird things. In this workshop you will run an experiment on live fish, collect data, and discover how behavior produces diversity in the natural world. Experience a day in the life of a biologist!

Trickly Business
Too much rain in cities (called ‘stormwater’) can cause major problems – including flooding, pollution, and habitat destruction. But what if we could capture that stormwater, treat it so it’s safe to drink, and store it for later? Come test materials for cleaning stormwater and learn how environmental engineers make sure your water is safe to drink!

The Elements of Us
Have you ever wondered what your body is actually made of? Do you want to find out how much space you would take up if we compressed all your atoms as close together as we could? Come take a deep dive into how atoms (the tiniest parts of our bodies) come together to build more and more complex structures, like cells and organs. We will have hands-on activities to explore how this chemistry allows your body to do incredible things, like store data in your DNA and turn food into energy!

Surviving the Wild
It’s a dangerous world out there! Learn how animals adapt to their environment by changing their bodies and behavior over time. Get a lesson in natural selection, and then test it out for yourself with an animal of your own creation! Can you survive the wild?

Spacecraft Structures
Have you ever wondered what it takes to send a rocket to space, or the engineering behind it? In this lesson, step into the shoes of an engineer, learn about critical systems on a spacecraft, and send a rocket into orbit!

Robots that Run
Have you ever wondered how roboticists get ideas for creating new robots? Some are inspired by the nature around them and use biologically inspired design to make robots that fly like birds, stick to walls like geckos, swim like eels, and many more! In this workshop, we will discuss examples of bio-inspired design, work with some simple robots, design our own bio-inspired robots, and view demos of bio-inspired robots that researchers are building and studying right now.

Robot Hands
Have you ever seen a robot before? The answer is probably yes! Robotics combines mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering to help humans solve problems—from doing surgery to washing dishes. Come discover the mechanics behind how our joints move—then, build and control your own telerobotic hand!

Powering the World with Lithium Ion Batteries
Come learn how to make batteries from materials that can be found in your home! In this workshop, you will create your own battery to power LED lights and household objects. Learn what makes batteries work and how we can use new materials to help power the world with clean energy!

Pop, Lock, and Gloss It: Make your own lip balm!
Ever wondered how Burt’s Bees lip balm is made? Come and join us and get a behind the scenes look at the chemistry and engineering needed to get that perfect lip balm to you! Chapped lips beware!

Playing with Fire
Live fire demos! Learn what being a wildland fire scientist is like and get answers to questions like: How do wildfires burn? Are they good or bad? You may be surprised by the things fire can do!

Pineapple Protein Party
Join us for a lesson in food science. Students will learn about protein structures and enzymes through a pineapple jello experiment. Learn about molecular biology and its broader applications in this fun and tasty workshop.

Pandemic! Microbes Gone Wild
Colds! Coughs! Fevers! Everyone gets sick every once in a while, but why? Learn about why germs make you sick, and how scientists are fighting back! In this workshop, we’ll go over the basics of microbiology (viruses, bacteria, and more) and create our own superbugs in a fun game of Pandemic.

Meet the Blood Cell Fam
What’s in your blood? How does exactly does blood carry oxygen? Why do people have different blood types? Let’s build models from simple materials to discover the answers. Bring all your blood-y questions.

Lend a Hand
Life for people with an upper extremity amputation presents with some unique challenges, even something as simple as putting your hair in a ponytail can require creative problem solving. In this workshop we will explore the different types of prosthetic hands, practice using devices that simulate what it is like to use a prosthetic arm and assemble our own prosthetic hands.

Lasers Light the Way
What can lasers teach us about light? You’ve seen Superman’s powerful lasers. How can light, like the light coming out of your light bulb, cut through metal? We’ll learn about how smart light is, how there are different types of light, and how we use those in new research as well as in everyday life.

Juice from Juice: Berry Solar Cells
Think fruit is just for eating? Try your hand at creating a berry-powered solar cell that converts light energy into electrical energy. In this workshop, we’ll build dye-sensitized solar cells and evaluate their performance. We’ll also discuss the ways in which materials scientists and electrical engineers contribute to alternative energy advances.

How Computers Think
A laptop or smartphone seems to know a lot of things: how to get to your destination, when the next bus will arrive, or what song you want to hear next. But what does it mean for a computer—a machine—to “know” something? How do people create computer programs that recognize faces or translate from one language to another? Come learn how computers store and process information with fun examples and a DIY project.

Happy, Healthy Animals
Do animals need the same things that we need to survive? Can they get bored just like us? Design and construct an enrichment project for one of Oakland Zoo’s education program animals. Learn how we make the lives of Zoo animals more enriching and fun, and how you can do the same for your pets and native wildlife!

Fish Schtick and Natural Selection
What is Natural Selection, how is it related to Evolution, and did people really evolve from monkeys? Please join us, and learn what Natural Selection is (and isn’t), and how it has led to the amazing breadth of biological diversity observed on Earth today. After a brief discussion on Natural Selection, in groups you will be creating and presenting your own hypotheses on why your group’s animal model evolved to have their distinct appearances.

Earthquake Engineering
Ever wonder what makes a structure resilient to earthquakes? What is the difference between different buildings and what makes a building stand? In the workshop you will get to design and build your own structures and then test them in an earthquake to see if they survive.

Did you know that there is a secret world of teeth, waiting to be unlocked by YOU? Teeth come in all shapes and sizes, from the size of a grain of sand to a T. rex fang - and each tooth tells an AMAZING story about diet, disease, and the life of ancient creatures. If you're interested in dentistry, dinosaurs, medicine, or the microscopic tales teeth tell, come join our team of UC Berkeley paleontologists and create your own scientific tooth story with real fossil skulls, fossil teeth, and a secret surprise fossil you’ll never guess!

Curing Cancer in Human BEANS
Have you ever wondered what being a surgeon (having precise, steady hands) is like? What about a biomedical engineer in designing the most efficient tools? Come try your hand at being both in our fight against cancer! In this workshop, you will learn a bit about breast cancer, exponential cell growth, and why it is tricky but also very important to remove tumors from the body. You’ll get to try designing, building, and testing your own prototype “medical” tools to model tumor removal with beans! Lets see if you all can beat cancer!

Building an Electric Motor
Learn about electric motors, how they work, and where they're used. Build and take home your own electric motor!

Buggin’ Out
Girls will walk out towards a nearby “wilderness” area with nets and will be taught how to catch, preserve, identify and study insects in the beautiful Strawberry Creek. Students will learn hands-on how broad a diversity of insects they can find in their own backyard.

Brain Chitchat
Be a brain and sound detective! Use your skills to identify an animal’s voice and explore which brain was doing the talking!

Beyond Gender
Come learn about the history of gender and STEM and analyzing disparities in the STEM field!

Air, Air Everywhere
You smell that? The air is all around us, and there’s so many awesome ways to understand pollution and climate change with tools we can hold in our hands. This workshop will introduce students to climate science, and will be a hands-on adventure in using sensors and become activists in our community.