Tobin at Berkeley

Hello! Once upon a time, I was an undergraduate EECS/Math/Physics student at Berkeley. Now I'm a graduate student in physics, though by the time you read this maybe I will have graduated from that too. I have a more recent personal web page on another server. However, I keep some stuff here too:

Here's a quite I took from Hilfinger's quote file:

"I loved the night. I think secretly all scientists exult in working alone, surrounded by the urgent private quiet of the dark. I remember the exhilaration of working through the night in the lab, drinking thick pasty coffee that had been on the burner for hours, walking out into the sunrise, grabbing breakfast at a diner and watching the city come to life. To be doing something no one had ever done, to generate rows amd columns of numbers that hinted at a solution to a problem no one had ever solved ... to be alone and out on the edge like that, there was no feeling like it in the world." — Steven A. Rosenberg (from Unlocking the Mysteries of Cancer by S. A. Rosenberg and J. M. Barry, as quoted in the NY Times Book Review of 18 October 1992.)

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