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Teaching Psychology

For six years I taught a  course on “Teaching Psychology”, part of a set of courses on teaching required of all UC Berkeley students who serve as teaching assistants (known at UCB as "graduate studeent instructors").  I did it for five years when I was Head Graduate Advisor (2000-2004), and once more in 2016.  I don’t claim to be a better teacher than anyone else, though I think I’m better than some, and I do take the teaching function more seriously than others.  But over the years I’ve had a lot of experience teaching in lots of different contexts. That’s 45 years of teaching, more or less, during which time I think I’ve seen almost everything.  These reflections, organized around the chapters of Will McKeachie’s classic Teaching Tips (14th edition), are a way of sharing those experiences for what they are worth to the next generation of college teachers.

Link to Syllabus for Fall 2016

Link to "Reflections on 'Teaching Psychology'"

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