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These are some select shots of our June 10th return to Kimo's show in San Francisco. It was Pheonix Thunderstone singer, Sean Heskett's Birthday, and we rocked as hard as we could for him. James is the one in drag, even though you can't tell, Mike is also wearing a wig. Dennis had an really tight shirt on (they didn't have any size Large, and he just had to have a Huntingtons T-Shirt), and Dave had his trusty beanie which proved life saving later that night when shattered glass flew in his direction.
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These are some select shots of our January show @ Kimo's in San Francisco. Everyone will tell you something different about their cross-dressing rule, but the truth is, it depends on who is putting on the show. We were not required to cross-dress, though you may notice one of us chose to of his own free will...
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Our friend Jeremy also recorded some of the show for use in a class project. You can check out two stills from the video, or watch the video in RealVideo format.
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The first 18 pictures were taken at KZSU Stanford on Oct. 2nd when we played in their radio station. The last 2 are at KALX Berkeley later than evening when we played live on the radio. If you read the thumbnails like you would a book, the links below go to the full size image.
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group picMike pic
To your left is a picture of a band during the July 4th Party they played in Sacramento. On you right you see a picture of Mike and his new drumset. Unfortunately for the women, we don't have an action picture of him singing, which you all love, but we will have one up soon...
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On the left is a picture of the band on the stairs leading from the prisoner recreation yard to the perimeter path @ Alcatraz. To the right is a picture of the group in the actual yard, right to left we are Dave, Dennis, Mike, and James.
group pic 1group pic
These two pictures were also taken on "the rock", the one to the right being your standard "promo" picture, and to the left we have the "give Dave some lovin' " photo.
DaveJamesDave 1Dennis and Mike
Here are four pictures taken during our May 7, 1999 show @ Emily's (of Van Hailin' fame) house party. Dave and Mike drove up that day and we practiced as a band for a few hours before the show. Left to right we have Dave jammin' away, James dolled up preparing for a Madonna cover, Dave leading a chorus, and Mike and Dennis cleaning up...besides providing the beat of the band, it's a little known fact that they double as janitors...
chateau flyerThis is the flyer we made for our November 1, 1997 show at Le Chateau Co-op. One of the bands we played with was called Sweet Violet Oblivion and when James did the computer stuff for the flyer it came out as Sweet Violent Oblivion, nothing new for him. Below are a few shots taken from the show. Most are in black and white because we're using them in our 7 inch and besides, we're not the Spice Girls so our clothes aren't too flashy...though Dave's shoes are usually pretty tight.
dennis and mikeDave Dennis JamesOn the left, Dennis is rockin' out in time with his brother, hot rod drummer Mike, while on the right, Dave's sweet voice is backed up by bassman Dennis and chef James.
the groupDennis JamesAll of us gathered on the couch for a promo shot after the show, but not before the Noho 8 boys did their thing.

EE News On October 18th, 1997 the GLG20s played their first show @ the University of California's College of Engineering Talent Show. If you click on the image to the left, you'll be able to see what the article from The Engineering News looked like.

Below you'll find a few select pictures of us from the performance, just click on the thumbnails to see the big one...

Pic1Let's introduce the stars of this the back on drums is Mike, to the left on guitar is James, in the center with the bass is Dennis, and on the right playing guitar is Dave.
Pic2Pic3A few action shots...color pics taken by Sandra Star***, b/w pics taken
ddsingeenjamesfrom the UC Berkeley Engineering News Vol. 68, NO. 10F
eenpuphOne of the other stellar performances from the COE Talent Show came from Allan Wong and Ryan Luie a.k.a SHM (Simple HarmoniX in Motion), droppin' da bass and pumpin' up da pH!
djdjsk8mikeDaredevil Dennis ollieing Super Dave on the left, and M.C. Mike ready for kickflip on the right, while Turkey James decides to bypass the stairs.