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  • Placed 7th in 2000 Annual Berkeley Programming Contest
  • CS164 Grades so far (PA1-3 I did alone):
    cs164-gj: Kevin_Dempsey Peterson.
         PA1:     50/50      0.04    cs164-tb  
         PA2:     50/50      0.14       cs164  EC: 1 bug, 3 pts      
         PA3:    ---/50      0.14              
         WA1:      1/1        0.5    cs164-tb  
         WA2:      1/1        0.5    cs164-ta  
         WA3:      1/1        0.5    cs164-tb  
         WA4:      1/1        0.5       cs164  
    MIDTERM1:     95/100     0.15       cs164  
       Total:   25.25/ 33

I'm looking for a partner for PA4 and PA5 in CS 164. I'm a kick ass programmer, I'm TAing CS 162, and I'm obsessive compulsive about getting good grades. I'm also a major asshole to anyone I'm working with who won't do a good job. If someone who looks like they'd make a good partner, I'll work with them. Otherwise, I'll work alone.

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Last updated 4 March 2001

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