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About Kevin

I graduated from Thousand Oaks High in 1995, and went right on to UC Berkeley. I dropped out in Dec 1997, and after bumming around for most of a year, found a great position at Nova Development in Calabasas, CA. I quit in January to come back to Berkeley.

Over the summer I was working part time as an "assistant" system administrator at Cosmoz.com, an internet holding company and incubator. The reason I put assistant in quotes is because I was the only one there, so I'm not real clear on who I was supposed to be assisting. I managed to make the Dean's List last semester. I just applied to the CS major, and I'm waiting to hear back as to whether I was accepted (which I think it highly probable). I quit my job so that I could work my ass off full time at school.

Me and two
of my cousins

I'm very involved with the libertarian club on campus, Cal Libertarians. I'm currently webmaster, and yes, I'm planning on redesigning the site as soon as I figure out how it should be organized.

You can also see my résumé and my current class schedule.

Contact Info

  • Local Telephone: 510-848-7871
  • ICQ: 64191174
  • Local Address:
    1644 Prince St. #1
    Berkeley, CA 94703
  • Permanent Address:
    1025 Calle Almendro
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
  • Current preferred email: peterson@ocf.berkeley.edu
  • Permanent, but infrequently checked email: kevin805@hotmail.com

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