Cool Quotes I Came Across

Job Requirements:
  • Careful, good attention to detail; able to follow written procedures exactly.
  • Willing and able to figure things out without supervision by reading documents and trying things out.
I can predict the future by assuming that money and male hormones are the driving forces for new technology. Therefore, when virtual reality gets cheaper than dating, society is doomed. -Scott Adams (as Dogbert)
As one of those black Americans, I consider it as ridiculous as it would be phony to pretend that I am worse off than if my ancestors had remained in West Africa and I had been born there. They themselves might well have been better off remaining in Africa, but they are not the ones who would get any reparations.
--Thomas Sowell on Capitalism Magazine
Being with someone who has already cheated on you is like having a get-out-of-infidelity-free card in your wallet.
--Dan Savage on The Onion

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