PILLS at UC Berkeley

Why Join PILLS?

Throughout the school year, PILLS organizes informative general meetings (inviting pharmacy-related guest speakers), and provides numerous resources, such as the SIBLING and PhREND programs, to give you a better insight of the pharmacy field. By joining PILLS, you will not only receive these and countless other benefits, but also gain knowledge of the pharmacy field, find a community of like-minded students, and be prepared for applying to pharmacy school.

PILLS is not exclusively for pre-pharmacy students. Whether you are someone who is planning to go to pharmacy school or one who is still undecided about the field, feel free to drop by one of our events or contact any of the PILLS officers for more information.

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Members can participate in general meetings (guest speakers, workshope, etc.), NCPPS, Mentorship (SIBLING, PhRENDS), Socials, Volunteering, and MORE!

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