The organizers of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education’s Research Day invite you to apply to the 20th Annual Research Day Conference! We are excited to host our national colleagues this year!

Education Research Day is an annual conference hosted by the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education that offers an opportunity for students to share work with their peers, faculty, and community members, and engage in fruitful discussion about a range of issues in education research. Our Research Day is a space for students to gain meaningful conference experience, learn from other young scholars, and strengthen their professional network.

The 20th annual conference will take place on Friday, March 13th, 2020 and includes an opening keynote, interactive sessions, and faculty-moderated paper and poster presentations. All students and faculty are encouraged to submit work, such as finished and in-progress research or non-empirical texts. The conference is now open to all students in education-related graduate programs in throughout the United States!

We begin accepting submissions and registrations on November 6th, 2019. Please visit our submission page to see important deadlines.