First-year luncheon

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Welcome back everyone for the Fall 2018 semester!

Yesterday, Nic introduced the new first-year cohort at UCB’s Graduate School of Education to the work and accomplishments of the Research Day Organizational Committee (RDOC).

We look forward to new faces, ideas and inspiration in the coming year.

Thursday Evening! Anthony Hall 5-8:30pm

This year’s Annual Education Research Day will feature an additional evening poster session and reception.  The events begin on Thursday evening from 5-8:30pm at Anthony Hall.

The first poster session of this year’s conference will take place from 5:30-6:30pm.

Following the session, we will welcome and honor Dr. Frank Worrell for his achievement in becoming a NAEd member.  This will kick-off our reception with beverages and catering from Sunrise Deli on Bancroft Avenue.


The evening will continue with a presentation session from local artist/educator Carla Wojczuk.  She recently was part of the writing team for the book The Mission, capturing the energy and community of this San Francisco neighborhood.  




This evening aims to juxtapose the work of education researchers with community activists and artists.  The ways that visual representations are shown through our poster presentations is brought into conversation with the histories, work and re-imagining of community spaces that are brought to life throughout the SF Bay Area by teams of local artists and muralists.  We welcome our participants to dive into conversations of education, voice and community work together.

Education Research Day is coming!


Thanks to all who came out to our poster-making workshop in January.

We hope to continue expanding the mission of RDOC to incorporate more interactive and community-building events and spaces in the coming years.

The schedule is posted and available online this year.  The featured plug-in allows for you to select sessions you are interested in by clicking on the star in the corner.  You can choose to view your preferred sessions together as one schedule.  This is our first year integrating such options – let us know how it goes on our evaluation forms!

Research Day is nearly here.  Check out the featured article on the UCB GSE’s website.  We’ve confirmed and added speakers to our panels since its release.  Additional information can be found under the 2018 tab.

As well, for those of you in one of our poster presentation sessions – feel free to check out our partnership with for printing and delivery directly to Tolman Hall.

Looking forward to seeing you for our opening poster session and reception at Anthony Hall on Thursday, March 15 and for our day-long sessions followed by a reception on Friday, March 16th.


Poster Presentation Workshop & Lunch

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*save the date

Poster Presentation Workshop & Lunch

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Room : 2515


Are you getting ready for Research Day?

Unsure how to design and format your poster?

 Or have great ideas you want to share about poster design?

This will be a How-To session on making a Poster Presentation hosted by RDOC (Research Day Organizational Committee).  Members of our committee will show and facilitate a conversation with participants on how to access poster templates online, guidance on the content and design of posters and choices in how your poster is printed.

We will host a lunch from Julie’s Cafe (Bancroft Way).

 This event is supported by GA funding.

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Acceptance Letters Are Out

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Acceptance letters for the UCB GSE’s Annual Education Research Day 2018 are out.  Session times should be included so that presenters can begin to plan accordingly.

We look forward to seeing everyone for an extended conference this year –

beginning on Thursday evening, March 15, 5-8:30pm at Anthony Hall


all day Friday, March 16, 9am-6pm in Tolman Hall.


Abstract Submission Lunch and Tips

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Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Abstract Submission Lunch on Tuesday.  It was great to start the semester off with some socializing and dialogue about how Research Day is growing this year and beyond!

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For those who missed Dr Frank Worrell’s workshop– we are including notes here as requested by many of the first year PhD students.



Writing an Abstract to Apply for a Conference Presentation

  1.  Read the call for proposals carefully: # of words in title, # of words in title, # of words in abstract, other pertinent information that they are looking for (empirical, completed projects,…)
    1. Some systems will alert you when you surpass the word limit while others do not : be mindful!
    2. For example with AREA – look into the specific topics for Divisions and SIGS posted
    3. Read and highlight the key parts of the call before beginning
  2. Write the Abstract before writing the title
    1. Empirical: area of study, research questions, participants, analyses, major findings related to research questions.
      1. Write initial draft without considering the required length; then, begin editing down the abstract, (forget trying to track the word count at this point – write knowing it is something short but write out your ideas fully then tighten your thoughts through further iterations)
      2. Be sure you check the Research Questions you are submitting and the Findings you are sharing (at times people will share incorrect findings and this lack of cohesion decreases the strength of your abstract
    2. Conceptual: nature of contribution being made: theory-building, review of the literature, position paper.  The Abstract needs to follow a logical order: current state of affairs, a rationale for change, proposed change/specific contribution, and significance- how does this change contribute to the broader discourse.
      1. Write initial draft without considering the required length; then, begin editing down the abstract.
    3. Read and edit down to the required number of words.  Read several times. Put down and read another day.
      1. Coming back to it after a day can allow you to see if the logic makes sense or if things could be worded better.
      2. Be sure you have all the important information: for example Qualitative work – discussion of Grounded Theory or Interrater reliability.
    4. Have a colleague read with a critical eye for clarity and coherence.



*Know the cycles of your conferences and when submissions are due.  This way you can track and prepare your work.  If something is rejected by one conference you can update it and submit to another.

*Once everything is done write the title: “It’s a sales job” – Most conferences want a title for 10-15 words and you should include the major constructs being discussed.



Thank you again to Dr Frank Worrell for his insightful guidance on abstract writing, editing and submission.


We look forward to supporting you in the submission process and with a workshop in late February focused on Developing Your Poster for Research Day 2018.

*Abstract Submissions Lunch* Event

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Greetings UCB GSE Students,
You are invited to The Research Day Abstract Submissions Lunch Event next week!
This is a casual drop-in session for lunch and abstract submissions – come for as little or as long as you’d like. This event is supported by GA funding to host a lunch from Sunrise Deli.  Students are welcome to drop-in and discuss this year’s Education Research Day and abstract submission process.  A more formal abstract workshop will be held with Dr Frank Worrel from 3-3:30pm.
When: Tuesday, January 16th, Noon to 4pm
Where: Tolman 3515
Featuring: An abstract writing workshop with Dr. Frank Worrell from 3-3:30pm.
Bring: Your laptop and abstract ideas for this year’s Annual Education Research Day happening on the evening of Thursday, March 15th and day-long on  Friday, March 16th.
Hope to see you there!

Call for Papers

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The members of the Research Day Organizational Committee (RDOC) of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education’s, Annual Research Day, would like to invite your students and faculty to apply to UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education Research Day Conference, as it is the first time it is open to institutions at a national level.

Education Research Day is an annual conference hosted by the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education that offers an opportunity for students to share work with their peers, faculty, and community members, and engage in fruitful discussion about a range of issues in education research. Our Research Day is a space for students to gain meaningful conference experience, learn from other young scholars, and network. The 18th annual conference will take place on Thursday March 15 in the evening and all day Friday, March 16th, 2018 and include an opening keynote, afternoon plenary, and faculty-moderated paper and poster presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions.

All students and faculty are encouraged to submit work, such as finished and in-progress research or non-empirical texts, through this website (GSEResearchDay.Berkeley.Edu).

This is the first year that we are opening up the conference to all students in education-related graduate programs in the United States. We would appreciate your help in circulating this introductory blog and helping us get students at your schools involved in this conference opportunity! The submission deadline is January 19, 2018, and we are excited to host our National colleagues this year! Submission can be made through GSEResearchDay.Berkeley.Edu

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you in advance for your support!

Renee Starowicz, Alejandra Ojeda-Beck, Dorcas Yap, Robin Irey, Beth McBride & Frankie Ramos (RDOC)

Graduate School of Education

University of California, Berkeley