repercussions, Spring-Fall 1996, Vol. 5, Nos. 1-2

Nationalism and Music

Front Matter PDF

Richard Taruskin, “Introduction” PDF

David E. Schneider, “A Context for Béla Bartók on the Eve of World War II: The Violin Concerto (1938)” PDF

Leslie A. Sprout, “Muse of the Revolution française or the Revolution nationale? Music and National Celebrations in France, 1936-1944″ PDF

Beth E. Levy, “‘In the Glory of the Sunset': Arthur Farwell, Charles Wakefield Cadman, and Indianism in American Music” PDF

Klara Móricz, “The Confines of Judaism and the Illusiveness of Universality in Ernest Bloch’s Avodath Hakodesh (Sacred Service)” PDF

Gregory Dubinsky, “Krenek’s Conversions: Austrian Nationalism, Political Catholicism and Twelve-Tone Composition” PDF

Contributors PDF

Back Matter PDF



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