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Welcome to Steven's Codes Page. This page was launched on 10/26/96 to house cheat codes for selected computer games.

UPDATE 10/6/98: On the second birthday of Steven's Web Page, this page has had its footer updated. Enjoy!!!

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Table of Contents

Descent 2
Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Ultimate Doom, Master Levels
Duke Nukem 3-D
Heretic and Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders
Hexen and Death Kings of the Dark Citadel
Minesweeper for Windows

Doom, Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, Doom 2 Master Levels

IDDQDGod Mode, Toggle on/off
NOTE: When activited, health goes to 100%
IDFA Ammo and all weapons
IDKFAAmmo, all weapons, and keys!
IDCLEV##Level Warp
Doom and Ultimate Doom: Type in Episode # then Mission Number for ##
Other Dooms (see above): Type in two digit level #
IDSPISPOPDClipping (Walk through Walls), toggle on/off Doom and Ultimate Doom only!
IDCLIPClipping (Walk through Walls), toggle on/off for other Doom games (see above)
IDBEHOLDAEntire area map (one level)
IDBEHOLDIInvisibility (time based)
IDBEHOLDLNight Vision (time based)
IDBEHOLDRRadiation Suit (time based)
ISBEHOLDVInvincibility (time based)
IDDTShow Triggers on Map
IDDT IDDTShow Enemies and Triggers
IDMYPOSShow Coordinate Position of Player
IDMUS##Change music to music from level ##
IDMUS## May not work for all Doom Games!

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Heretic and Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders

QUICKENGod Mode Toggle on/off
IDDQDInstant Death
RAMBOAll Weapons, full ammo
IDKFALose all Weapons
ENGAGE##Level warp to Episode #, Mission #
KITTYClipper (Walk through Walls) Toggle on/off
MASSACREKill ALL Monsters on Level
NOTE: Don't use on boss levels- if you want to beat the level!
PONCE100% Health
SHAZAMToggles weapon power
COCKADOODLEDOOChicken Mode Toggle on/off
GIMMEA## Invincibility Rings
GIMMEB## Invisibility Masks
GIMMEC## Potion
GIMMEE## Tome of Power
GIMMEF## Torch
GIMMEG## Hour Glass/Time Bomb
GIMMEH## Chickenizer Eggs
GIMMEI## Wings

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Hexen: Beyond Heretic and Hexen: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel

SATANGod Mode Toggle on/off
CASPERClipping Mode (Walk Through Walls) Toggle on/off
INDIANAAll Artifacts
LOCKSMITHReceive All Keys
BUTCHERDestroy All Enemies
CLUBMED100% Health
CONANLose All Weapons
DELIVERANCEPig Mode Toggle on/off
INIT Restart Level
MARTEKType in 3 times and "DEATH NOISE" for Sound Debug
NRAAll Weapons/Full Ammo
PUKERun Scripts
SHADOWCASTER#Change Class Type:
#0= Warrior
#1= Mage
#2= Wizard
SHERLOCKAll Puzzle Pieces
TICKERDisplay Frame Rate
VISIT##Warp to level ##
WHEREshow level number & coordinates on map
MRJONESshow version info
CODERESULT##Plays a CD (digits are the track number)

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NOTE: Cheats must be enabled before codes will work!
SCOURGEShareware Weapons
GUILECloak (invisibility) toggle on/off
TWILIGHTFull Shields
FARMERJOE## Warp to level number ##
The Following Codes work only in registered Descent:
BIGREDFull Version Weapons
BUGGINTurbo Mode
BRUINExtra Life
FLASHLight Path to the Exit
AHIMSARobot Fire toggle on/off
The Following Codes work only in registered Descent Version 1.4 or higher:
PORGYSSuper All Weapons
ASTRAL"Ghost" mode- fly through walls
NOTE: You do not fly through doors with this code!
LUNACYRobots move fast but shoot rarely
POBOYSBlow the Reactor!
[ALT-F]Full Map
NOTE: Must be in map mode to activate!

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Duke Nukem 3-D

DNCORNHOLIOGod Mode, Unlimited Jet Pack Toggle on/off
DNSTUFFAll Weapons, power ups, keys, and full ammo
DNITEMSPowerups and keys
DNWEAPONSAll Weapons and full ammo
DNINVENTORYAll power ups
DNKEYSAll keys
DNSCOTTY## Warp to level number ##
DNCLIPClipper (Walk through walls) Toggle on/off
DNHYPERSteriod power up
DNMONSTERSNo monsters Toggle on/off
DNSHOWMAPEntire Map Toggle on/off
DNCOORDSShow Coordinates
DNSKILL#Changes difficulty to level #
DNRATEDisplays Frame Rate
DNCASHMANPress the space bar to throw money Toggle on/off

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Descent 2

These codes only work in the Shareware Version:
WHAMMAZOOM##Warp to level ##
EATANGELOSHoming weapons
ERICAANNEBouncing weapons
These codes only work in the Registered Version:
FREESPACE##Warp to level ##
GODZILLAKill robots by driving into them
SPANIARDKills non-boss robots
Type again to kill bosses or, if none, your guide robot
Type a third time to kill your guide robot
GOWINGNUTGuide robot beserk mode
LPNLIZARDMake your weapons home
HELPVISHNUClone your guide robot
DELSHIFTBGet all powerups, blow reactor, go to exit!
DUDDABOOWeapons bounce
SILKWINGEnemy Robots duke it out!

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Minesweeper for Windows

XYZZYThen press [Enter] and [Shift] to show if a space contains a mine
NOTE: This code turns a pixel in the upper left corner of the of the monitor on and off. To view this pixel, wallpaper must be selected. If the pixel is black, the square is a mine, otherwise it is safe.

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Type these codes at the console screen and press enter:
GODGod Mode toggle on/off
FLYFlying Mode
NOTE: Use jump to fly up
NOCLIPClipper Mode (Walk through walls) toggle on/off
KILLYou die
MAP E#M#Warp to episode # mission #
NOTE: For DM, start, or final level, type MAP, then DM#, START, or END, respectively
GIVE SHELLS #Receive # shells
NOTE: May be used for other ammo- substitute CELLS, ROCKETS, or NAILS for "SHELLS"
NOTARGETMonsters don't attack until you do
SV_GRAVITY ###Change level of gravity to ###
NOTE: ### can be from 00 to 850, 00 is NO gravity!
IMPULSE 9All Weapons and full ammo
IMPULSE 255Quad Damage (Each hit deals 4 times the damage!)

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GUNSAll weapons/ Full ammo
MONEYReceive 300 Gold
STUFFWeapons, Keys, Full armor, God Mode
SPIRITClipping Mode (Walk through Walls) toggle on/off
STICStealth Boots
IDDTFull map
NOTE: Type in map mode. Type again to show enimies and items
GOTO##Warp to level ##
NOTE: Levels in Demo are 32, 33, 34

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