an INDEX to selected papers on this web site concerning
Cost Accounting at a Research University

Papers for the California Legislature
Presentation to the Assembly Budget Committee (2/18/15) 3 pages
Reform UC Funding Model (1/12/15) 10 pages

Summary Papers
Response to AB 94 (7/16/14) 10 pages
Seminar at CSHE (10/9/08)
Introductory Concepts (9/22/09) ppt

        Qualitative Analyses

Financing the University - Part 11 (4/25/07) 6 pages
Picture of money flows; definition of Departmental Research; NACUBO fraud

Unpublishable (12/07) 3 pages
Old and New Thinking about Financing the Research University

        Quantitative Analysis for the University of California

The Cost of Undergraduate Education at a Research University (9/11/05) 13 pages
The first detailed calculation with lots of discussion

The Cost ... Improved Calculation (12/15/07) 6 pages

Updated Cost Calculation (2/27/13) 8 pages
Responses (3/20/13) 6 pages

Disaggregating the Costs of Academic Missions at the University of California (10/22/16) 12 pages

Faculty Time Use Study (1984) 98 pages

        Application to Other Research Universities

The Cost - Part II (12/18/05) 4 pages