Top 8 places to take grad photos this year

A prime example of what NOT to do for your photoshoot.

Tired of seeing the same old graduation photos on Facebook every year? Don’t worry, so are we. It seems that every other grad photo in existence consists of ABGs clad in white dresses and nude wedges, spraying champagne onto the steps of Doe Library. For the sake of spicing up our all-too-predictable newsfeeds, we at The Beet have a few ideas for graduating seniors looking to take the road less traveled by– at least in terms of photography. If you really want to stand out from your peers (and this may be your only opportunity to do so), look no further than our carefully curated list of photoshoot locations that will immortalize your Berkeley experience.

1. Stanford University
Didn’t get into your top choice school? Well, you can totally pretend that you did. Having your photoshoot at Stanford is a great way to fantasize about what your life, grades, and mental health could have been.

2. Next to the “Hell Yeah” guy
Honestly, that guy is iconic. No other school has a “Hell Yeah” guy, so he will definitely make your photos completely unique and oh-so-Berkeley!

3. The dumpsters behind Dwinelle
What better way to capture the quality of your GPA than taking photos with actual piles of trash?

4. A Moffitt cubicle
Commemorate the place where you spent most of your undergrad time– Moffitt Library, of course. Tears were shed, naps were taken, and… not much else was accomplished, but at least you tried, right?

5. In front of Evans
Who doesn’t love a little irony? Besides, the pure aesthetic disaster that is Evans Hall will make you look much better by comparison. A self-esteem booster, if you will.

6. Your professor’s office hours
No time for a grad photoshoot? No problem. Seamlessly merge the photoshoot with your rigorous academic schedule by holding it at your professor’s office hours that you desperately need to attend since finals are looming and you haven’t paid attention in class all semester.

7. The De-Stress with Dogs table
Don’t lie– you’re actually considering this one.

8. Crossroads Dining
This list wouldn’t be complete without Crossroads. It’s the perfect place to relive fond memories of freshman year, back when you could smuggle out 50 lbs of fruit, a collection of silverware, and maybe a decorative plant every time you dined. The good ol’ days, when life was still exciting and Berkeley-induced despair and disillusionment were mere specks on the horizon!

So there you have it– our best picks for photoshoot locations this year. Good luck, and don’t forget to smile through the pain!


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