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Help out Measure Q in Berkeley!
Posted Mon Sep 20 17:35:31 2004 by There is a measure on the Berkeley ballot this Nov. 2 to decriminalize prostitution, Measure Q. It needs active support from Libertarians in order to win! Please see the Sex Workers Outreach Project website to find out what's going on and how you can help: http://www.swop-usa.org Yours in liberty, <<< Starchild >>>
Fall 2003 Meetings Part II
Posted Tue Sep 23 18:38:49 2003 by Hi all, after successfully navigating the school bureaucracy I can now say that our official meeting place for the rest of the semester will be 85 Evans. So that's Wednesday nights, 7:00 PM @ 85 Evans. All students, faculty or members of the community with an abiding interest in Liberty are welcome.
Spring 2003 Meetings, Part I
Posted Tue Sep 16 17:13:46 2003 by Hey everyone, the meeting for this week will be held on Wednesday night at 7 PM in 2070 VLSB (Valley Life Scences Building, campus map). Note that this is NOT a permanent meeting place, but the time slot is. This week we're discussing tabling, flyer acquisition and speaker/event ideas. Bring a friend!
Cal Libs First Meeting Fall 2003!
Posted Wed Aug 27 23:50:13 2003 by Hey sports fans, the first meeting of the year will take place at Cafe Strada (corner of Bancroft and College) at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, September 2. New faces and regulars are welcome. We'll be meeting at the outdoor tables near the intersection (pending favorable weather). Bring an open mind and an open dayplanner.
Liberty Week!
Posted Mon Apr 14 15:44:22 2003 by This week, April 14-19, is Liberty Week! Here's what we have in store:

Tuesday, April 15, 2003 7:00pm 101 Moffitt

A talk by Dr. Ivan Eland--Entitled Gulf War II: America's Quest for Empire, hear Dr. Eland of the Independent Institute explain the dangers surrounding the United States' current engagements in the Iraq and likely future policies in the Middle East -- and then join the discussion!

Thursday, April 17, 2003 7:00pm 2060 Valley Life Sciences Bldg

Film Waco: Rules of Engagement See this Oscar-nominated controversial documentary compile and present evidence about the attack at Waco in a new light -- judge it and join the discussion!

All Week Long on Upper Sproul Plaza

Visit our huge display board with information showcasing three heroic moments in individual liberty -- the 1775 Battle of Lexington & Concord, the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and the 1993 Attack at Waco.
Tom Palmer: Globalization is Great!
Posted Mon Mar 3 16:50:06 2003 by Tom Palmer, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, will be speaking on the topic of trade globalization at the UC Berkeley campus. The talk will take place at 7:30 PM this Thursday, March 6 in 2060 Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB). Bring all your questions about global free markets!
Cal Libertarians VP Publishes Op-Ed
Posted Mon Mar 3 16:40:40 2003 by The Vice-President of the Cal Libertarians, Anthony Gregory, recently published an op-ed piece through his position as policy intern at the Independent Institute about the war propaganda currently being issued by the Bush administration. The piece, which you can read here, was featured as the editorial spotlight on antiwar.com.
Spring 2003 First Meeting
Posted Mon Jan 27 09:41:45 2003 by Hello Everyone, the first meeting of the Cal Libertarians for the Spring '03 semester will be held on Thursday, Jan 30 at 7:00 PM in 246 Dwinelle. Be there to catch up with activities over the break and plan for this semester!
Justin Raimondo Speaking Event Success!
Posted Sat Nov 23 12:36:56 2002 by Iraq: First Stop on the Road to Empire was a smashing success! Thanks to everyone who attended and especially to all who helped! Watch this space for updates about more Libertarian speaker events to come to UC Berkeley next semester, including possibly an appearance by Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne.
Meeting Update: The final meeting of the semester will be held Dec 4 (final week of instruction) in 228 Dwinelle at 6:30 PM. There will be no meeting next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
Anti-war Speaking Event!
Posted Mon Oct 14 14:07:39 2002 by We've now confirmed that both Libertarian Party presidential cadidate Harry Browne and editorial director of antiwar.com Justin Raimondo will be speaking in Berkeley Nov. 20. Come out to show your support for stopping the war machine before it starts! We'll be discussing the details at our regularly scheduled meeting this Wednesday, 6:30 at 228 Dwinelle.
New Items, New Activities
Posted Thu Oct 3 11:52:32 2002 by The text of a speech given by Anthony Gregory on Sproul Plaza is available online in the Library section. Also, as a reminder, we are meeting regularly Wednesdays Fall semester (see below for details). We're currently working with antiwar.com to bring columnist Justin Raimondo to speak at UC Berkeley.
Meeting Tonight Wed 9/25
Posted Wed Sep 25 10:34:17 2002 by Our second meeting of the year will be held tonight in 228 Dwinelle 6:30 PM. One issue on the table is to resolve our scheduling conflict with the Cal Gun Club, but since they'll also be meeting in Dwinelle 6-7 it shouldn't be too much of a problem to find them. Stop by!
Medical Marijuana Protest
Posted Thu Sep 19 10:39:06 2002 by The Cal chapter of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) will be organizing a protest of the recent raids on medical marijuana fields by the federal government. The protest is next Monday at the State Capital, and SSDP will be providing free transportation to the event to all who sign up. Look for the SSDP table on Sproul, or check in their office at 300B Eshleman to sign up.
Fall 2002
Posted Sun Sep 15 22:28:14 2002 by To answer your question, YES, we are active this semester. Regular meetings will be held Wednesdays at 6 PM, starting September 25, at a location TO BE DETERMINED. Keep watching this space for updates.
Meeting Announcement
Posted Thu Mar 14 10:25:15 2002 by The meeting tonight will be held at the normal place, Greg's Pizza on Telegraph Ave at 6:30 PM. As always, bring flyer ideas and a healthy distrust of authority.
New Flyer Campaign for 2002
Posted Tue Mar 5 09:50:15 2002 by We're attempting to get the message out about the Bill of Rights around campus. If you haven't seen any of our flyers, or are interested in downloading them, they should be posted on this website shortly.
Meeting Thursday, Terrorism
Posted Wed Sep 12 09:21:33 2001 by Webmaster Kevin Meeting Thursday, Sept 13th. We will be discussing the terrorist attacks, and stuff arising from that.
Meeting Thursday
Posted Wed Aug 29 19:06:54 2001 by Webmaster Kevin We're meeting Thursday, August 30th, at 7pm, in 88 Dwinelle. We will be planning our activities for the semester.
Off to a good start
Posted Mon Aug 27 22:02:32 2001 by Webmaster Kevin First day of class and we're already officially registered. This means we will have a room for our meeting on Thursday. Stay tuned to this page (or better yet, bookmark it), for a time and location. We're also out tabling, and you know you want to table. It's fun and you get a tan. Occasionally some nutcase will come up and tell you about being abducted by aliens. If you don't know how, mail us and we'll tell you how.
World's Laziest Man Accomplishes Something
Posted Fri May 25 17:32:22 2001 by Kevin Peterson I have added a weblog like feature so that the webpage can be modified by people other than me. This will hopefully mean that in the future, the page will actually be updated for stuff like meetings, etc.
Cal Libertarians Front Page of Daily Cal
March 16, 2001 Several of us went to the David Horowitz event last night to show support for free speech. Today's Daily Cal had a shot of the crowd centered on our sign saying, "Cal Libertarians Support Free Speech for Everyone". The article doesn't mention us.
Taliban Executes Prostitutes in Public
February 27, 2001 While we're complaining about the republicans trying to push for parental notification of abortions and stuff like that, it's easy to forget the absolute horrors you get when you have a real theocracy. See also the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (warning: the photo gallery is not pleasant)
January 27, 2001 I know there's people out there with pictures from past events. If you have them scanned, email me a copy. If you don't have them scanned, let me borrow them so that I can scan them and put them up.
Officers, Plans for semester
January 27, 2001 At a party that just happened to include a whole lot of libertarians last night, we cleverly abused our constitution and elected new officers. Anthony Gregory is President, Joe Henchman is Vice President, Mason Guffey is Treasurer, Kevin Peterson is Secretary, and Serenity was not elected unofficial Social Secretary. I think I may have forgotten someone. It was a good party that way. We decided that our business meetings will be held at some time convenient for those who we expect to come, and we will try to hold several general meetings at the usual time that are actually interesting enough to draw a crowd, which means speakers or a discussion on an interesting topic.
Voucher Debate?
October 3, 2000 I'm (Kevin) trying to put together a debate on vouchers, since there are libertarians on both sides. But I need debators. I can do in favor of vouchers (though anyone with actually qualifications, step up!). I don't have anyone who is willing to argue against vouchers from a libertarian (i.e. eventual elimination of government schools) position. The one person I know has trouble making our meeting times. Anyone feel they can debate this?
Meeting Thursday, October 5th
October 3, 2000 We will be meeting Thursday to decide our positions on Prop 34 (campaign finance reform) and on the Senate race. Rajiv Batra, Tom Campbell's Berkeley Field Representative, plans on coming so that he can tell us, surprize, about what a great guy Campbell is. So we'll need lots of fanatics to come out and tell us how we shouldn't compromise on the lesser of the two evils when they still support gun control, drug prohibition, and keeping half of the federal gas tax.
Dull Meeting Thursday Sept 14
September 13, 2000 We're not promoting the meeting this week because we don't have much planned. Mark will be giving a presentation on how to sell libertarianism, then we'll talk business, planning for next meeting.
Endorsements for November
September 13, 2000 At our last meeting, we voted to endorse a bunch of libertarians, and took positions on most of the initiatives. Whether we should recommend people vote for Lightfoot, "Lightfoot or Campbell", "anyone but Feinstein" or take no position on the Senate race is still to be decided. Also to be decided is our position on prop 34, campaign finance reform, because none of us actually understand what it does.
Meet Thursdays in 183 Dwinelle
September 3, 2000 Cal Libertarians will be meeting every Thursday at 7pm in 183 Dwinelle.
Meeting Moved to Wednesday
August 28th, 2000 The meeting has been moved from Thursday to Wednesday, in order to accommodate those who would like to see Chris Hoffman speak at the BCR meeting. Place and time are unchanged: Cafe Strade, 7pm Wednesday, August 30th, 2000.
Let's Get it on!
Friday, August 25th, 2000 Our fearless leader Mark sent a message to the mailing list regarding getting things rolling, meeting times, and the holy grail of trying to get Harry Browne to come to campus.
New Website
June 8th, 2000 Today I've started redesigning the website. The old web site had been around since about 1997, which is ages in terms of the internet. It wasn't scaling well, in that I had no idea where to put new additions. Now that we know what is going to be on the website, it's easier to decide how it should be organized. It will probably require some small tweaks in the future, but I think this new format will be much easier to maintain.
Happy Summer
May 7th, 2000 Cal Libertarians will not be meeting over the summer.

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