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What Libertarians Think About Government by Anthony Gregory
Text of speech given by club President Anthony Gregory at Sproul Plaza as part of the ACLU-sponsored free speech event. (1 October 2002)
Fall 2000 Flyer
Text of the flyer we will be handing out of Sproul as a general information sheet this semester. Probably do it up quarter sheet and slip it in a Harry Browne tri-fold. (18 September 2000)
Let's Get it on!
Our fearless leader Mark sent this message to the mailing list regarding getting things rolling, meeting times, and the holy grail of trying to get Harry Browne to come to campus. (25 August 2000)
March 7th Voting Recommendations
One members recommendations for the initiatives. (March 2000)
Results of March 7th Election
Results of March 7th election, with some commentary. (March 2000)
David Friedman Speech
Flyer advertising David Friedman's Encryption and Freedom on the Internet. (May 2000)
Free Market Environmentalism
Daniel Burton's presentation on libertarian solutions to environmental problems. (1996 or 1997)
Why We Should Abolish the Income Tax
A presentation and petition drive for an intitiative to abolish the California state Income tax (date?)
Against Intervention in Iraq
Flyer distributed during a protest against U.S. bombing of Iraq. (date)
Problems with the Minimum Wage
Flyer advertising a meeting on the topic of minimum wage laws. (date?)
No on Prop 21
An argument against Prop 21 (youth crime bill) from a libertarian perspective. (5 March 2000)
No on Prop 22
An argument against the anti- gay-rights proposition 22. (5 March 2000)
Yes on Prop 28
An argument in favor of repealing the regressive tobacco tax. (5 March 2000)

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