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Well, I haven't updated my webpage in ages.  Since some may be curious to see what I look like, I'm putting up one of the most recent pictures that I have.  Here's me in my cap and gown.


Photo Album

Happy New Year to all!  Just one more year until the next millenium!  I thought I'd start the New Year off with a bang!  For the very first time, I will be posting photos to my website.  If you're interested in seeing me grow up through the years, take a look at my Baby Pictures.   I'm going to go through the photos I've collected over the years create a few other categories for important people such as family and friends.  Best wishes to each and everyone of you for great year!



If you'v read my story already, you should know that my future plans involve entering an MD/PhD program in the near future.  Since I'm currently in my 3rd year in the G. Ames Lab, I've decided to present a little bit the research that's going on in my lab so y'all know what it is that I do in lab.  If you don't want read too much technical jargon, take a look at a couple of the slides from my Symposium Presentation.


Dear Diary

Since my car accident on August 5, 1998, I've decided to start little diary to write what's on my mind.  It's not surprising that I wrote quite a bit the weeks following my accident, but my thoughts quickly turned to school and my final semester at UC Berkeley.  I would have to say that my last semester at Cal was probably the best one that I've had.  Given that I didn't really need to take any courses in order to graduate, there was really no pressure whatsoever.  So I ended up taking many courses that I would have otherwise never have taken.  People were asking me why I don't just take it easy my final semester instead of taking 6 classes/ 22 units?  All I have to say is that I wanted to take classes for my own enrichment, just for once to do something for myself.  It's really interesting because everything seems much easier and much more clear than it did before accident.   The semester is finally over and now I have plenty of time on my hands to reflect on the past four months.  Well, if you're interested in hearing about what goes on in Erick's head, you can take a look at it here.



This page is dedicated to the cute, lovable koala bear.  For those of you who have known me since freshmen year at Cal, you should know already the reason for this dedication.  And for those of you who started this whole koala thing... I guess I should thank all of you giving me a means to let others remember me. 

However, if you don't know who I am and are curious as to my koala fetish, please explore a bit and you'll soon get the anwser.  Of course, I can't just go ahead and tell you everything because that would simply be too easy.  If this is your first time visiting this site, why don't you trying ansering a few questions?  Please click here to play my little game!


Contact Me!

Hi, everyone!  I just got a new phone, so if you ever need to reach me for anything, you know how to reach me.

Phylum Vertebrata
Class Mammalia
Order Marsupiala
Family Phalangeridae
Length ~34 inches
Weight ~13 pounds
Life Span ~20 years
25 to 30 days
Litters per yr one
Miscellaneous no tail !
Question #1

Have you ever seen the koala collection?

Yes or No



 Please email me and let me know how I'm doing, thanks!
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March 22, 2000