Our approach to research

Strong collaboration within and beyond the team is highly valued, and interdisciplinary engagement (e.g. between mechanical, materials, civil, and electrical engineers) is particularly encouraged to realize ambitious new manufacturing processes. I advise each graduate-student member of the team to develop a portfolio of projects; one of these generally grows into the PhD dissertation, while others form sustained, intensive collaborations between group members. We have found that the resulting mutual stimulation strengthens experimental and analytical rigor.

I encourage entrepreneurship in the group when a member is enthusiastic to explore that path. For example, the startup Nelumbo was founded by a postdoc and undergraduate researcher from the group and is transforming the field of coatings for water- and ice-repellence and corrosion resistance. Group members are encouraged to make technology disclosures based on inventions that arise from their research, and some of these are developed into patent applications.

In addition to building a solid record of journal publications, group members present their work widely at conferences. I regard this as essential for developing a professional network and presentation skills, as well as sharpening one's understanding of the context and value of one's work. Students in the group have won numerous best paper awards including at the International Conference on Planarization Technology (2019), the Micro Total Analysis Systems conference (2017), and SPIE OPTO (2022).

A note for prospective graduate students

UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering admits students to its graduate programs each Fall. Information on the upcoming admissions cycle and the application process is available here. If you are interested in our group's work, please mention your interest in working with Professor Taylor in your online application.

A note for prospective postdoctoral scholars

Opportunities occasionally arise for postdoctoral scholars to work in the group on projects of mutual interest. You are welcome to e-mail Professor Taylor with a CV, 2-3 sample publications and an explanation of how you believe our research interests overlap.

A note for UC Berkeley undergraduates

We are always keen to work with enthusiastic undergraduates who are current Berkeley students. If you are interested in working with our group, including for a potential ME H194 or ME 196 project, do get in touch, either with Professor Taylor or with one of the graduate students in the group, and we can try to define a topic of mutual interest. We recommend also uploading your CV at this Google form (UC Berkeley login required), as this is the quickest way to have your interest registered by any graduate students in this group who might actively be looking for assistance.

Hayden Taylor, 2022