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Publications In Press and Forthcoming Conference Reports  

(Date Indicates When Manuscript was Completed or Most Recently Revised)

Kihlstrom, J.F. (2022, September).  Hypnotizability in the clinic, viewed from the laboratory [Comment on "Current practices, experiences, and views in clinical hypnosis: Findings of an international survey"]. International Journal of  Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis, in press.

Kihlstrom, J.F.  (2023).  Unconscious processes: An annotated bibliography [u
pdated in 2023, reflecting literature published 2018-2022].  In D.S. Dunn (Ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in Psychology.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Kihlstrom, J.F.  (2023, January).  Interview with Kevin and Amy Sheldrake for the "Cosmic Pancakes" blog.

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