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Measuring Repression

"A Continuous Measure of Repressive Style" by S. Mulvaney, J.F. Kihlstrom, A.J. Figueredo, & G.E. Schwartz.  EGAD Quarterly, 1(2), 40-49.  Following on the pioneering work of Daniel Weinberger and his colleagues, investigators have classified subjects as "repressors" based on their scores on the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale and the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale.  However, the traditional classification scheme, based on median splits in the two scales, is categorical and does not adequately represent individual differences in repressive style.  In 1990, Weinberger introduced a new, measure, known as the Weinberger Adjustment Inventory, but this procedure has certain problems.  In this paper, Mulvaney shows how both the old and new measures can be used to derive a continuous measure of repressive style suitable for use in multivariate research. 

Mulvaney's work was done as an exercise, and the resulting paper was published in the house organ of the Evaluation Group for the Analysis of Data (EGAD), a consulting group run by Lee Sechrest at the University of Arizona.  Because the journal is not widely available, we reproduce the article here.  Link to article.


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