Welcome to the Berkeley Personality Lab!


Our lab conducts research that focuses on personality, self-perception, and individual differences in emotion regulation.


If you are interested in joining the lab as a research assistant, please contact the graduate student whose research interests most closely match your own.


Berkeley Personality Lab

c/o Oliver P. John

Institute of Personality & Social Research

4140 Tolman Hall #5050

Berkeley, CA 94720


Recent News




May 2010

Oliver John and Laura Naumann's reply to Jack Block's latest critique can be downloaded [here].


December 2009

Berkeley Personality alum Laura P. Naumann's research examining first impressions based on physical appearance was featured in the news and can be downloaded [here].

March 2009

Berkeley Personality alum, Christopher J. Soto, published two Big Five scale papers in issue 43 of the Journal of Research in Personality.


January 20, 2009

Berkeley Personality researcher, Sara Gorchoff was recently featured in the New York Times: Your Nest is Empty? Enjoy Each Other


September 2008

The third edition of the Handbook of Personality is available for purchase or you can download our chapter here.